Monday, October 08, 2007

Records Being Broken!

Summer is still holding her own around here. The record high for today is 86 degrees, the expected high for today is 92! We broke yesterdays record as well. We also have only had less than an inch of rain since June.

This is very frightening to me as we are hearing of neighbors whose wells are drying up. We are conserving water the best we can by limiting the time on showers, only washing dishes once per day and washing them by hand, not in the washer, and these is no watering of plants outside unless we get it from the lake.

I guess the one good thing about hot sunny days is that we are still spending alot of time on the lake. We broke our own record yesterday by swimming and tubing on October 7th. Our old record was last year and the last swim day was October 3 and we all turned blue from the cold.

The lake water is down too. This island is usually just barely above water. As you can see we were able to anchor our boat beside it and walk over to it without getting wet!Our heat wave should be over by the end of the week when the weather is supposed to be back to normal, around 60-70 degrees. Let's just pray for rain.
Have a wonderful day!


nannykim said...

Yes, we went to the beach yesturday afternoon and the ocean water was still nice and warm; it was our grandchilds first time at the beach (1 year old) and we could not keep her out of the water!!

Sue said...

Were above normal here too, but a nice rain shower is blessing us with some rain, sure wish I could send some your way! One question on the holiday recipes, I'm not familar with Mr. Linky, what do I need to do there? Thanks!

Libby said...

I think it must be staying a little warm everywhere. For us, not so unusual at this time of year - but sure enjoyable *s*

Judy said...

I had to check out where it was that you live...where could it possibly be that warm (hot) in October? Yikes! We have snow on the mountain peaks all around our place and it's definitely fall out here (British Columbia).

Andrea said...

I love the beach. Wish I lived closer to one except when it is hurricane season.

Beach Girl said...

It's still warm out here, but is supposed to be in the upper 60's this weekend! :-)

I am back from a little break;it's good to be checking in again.


Janice said...

Hi Linda,
Wow, it sounds soooo very hot there! I'm glad you are able to continue enjoying your time at the lake. We used to do a lot of tubing and boating. Your photos bring back memories...

Trudi A said...

I sure hope you get rain soon. It is scary how the weather has changed all over the US. I'm sending you my best wishes.

Lori said...

Enjoy the last of your summer.
It has gotten chillier here.
Catching up on your blog.
I've missed ya. Come visit my blog when you can.

Susie said...

It's dreary and rainy as I type this, but I'm not complaining. The rain helps bring the fire danger down.
Hope it makes its way to you soon..