Wednesday, March 19, 2008

8 Things About Me

Nancy over at tagged me to write 8 things about my self. I really had a hard time with this, as I guess there is really nothing "special" about me, but here goes:

1. I love to be outside gardening. Unless its freezing cold out, I will find a reason to be outside everyday and play in the dirt.

2. I collect small dolls. By small I mean under 6 inches tall. I have always liked little dolls even when I was a child. I wouldn't have anything to do with a baby doll.

3. I have back problems resulting from a freak car accident when I was six. A drunk driver crossed both lanes of traffic and hit my mom's car while it was parked in my aunts driveway. I was in the back seat laying down at the time and was thrown onto the "hump" that ran through the middle of the car. The driver got a hand slap and was told never to do it again.

4. I clearly remember the first time I ever saw broccoli. It was in first grade and I went home and told my parents that they served miniature trees for lunch. LOL!

5. My mother died from Leukemia when I was 16 years old. She was 37. Fortunately, we had a wonderful father, and alot of support from my Grandmother and Great Aunt.

6. I once turned flips all the way down the church aisle before my Dad could catch me. We had gone to a friends church and the people there spoke in tongues and would fall onto the floor and roll. I thought I should do it too! I was about 4 years old.

7. I have been married to the most wonderful man on Earth for almost 28 years! And have the greatest 16 year old son that's ever lived! (I may be a little prejudiced on that!)

8. I am a Christian and gave my life to Jesus when I was 15 years old. It was the best decision I have ever made.

So there you have it, eight dull facts about me! I tag anyone who would like to play along!




MammyT said...

You are not dull, and neither are these things you shared. I love knowing more about you. Thanks, Linda.

Andrea said...

#8 is the best one.
I am still laughing over #6

Kelli said...

Aww..I think you are very special and not dull at all, Linda! I love #6, so funny. I'm a fan of gardening too. :0)

Patty said...

Not one dull thing about you on that list. I love tiny dolls too, but not so much as baby dolls.