Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This week as I was looking for an old newspaper clipping about Artists Trading Cards for a friend, I came across this old paper that I had in with my recipe clippings. I have no idea how old it is but judging from the pictures I would guess around 1910 or 1920ish. Maybe older.
(Nancy, I am still looking for that article!)

The recipes are very basic. This is exactly how this recipe reads for Sour-cream Cake

One cup sugar, one cup sour cream, one and one half cups flour and one half teaspoonful soda. Put in small pan and bake quickly.

The paper also goes on to tell how Mrs Gertrude Warner Scott was cured of her kidney trouble with Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root medication. Thats a photo of her above. There are other testimonials of how Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root was the miracle cure for their kidney problems. If you wish to purchase this cure please write to Dr. Kilmer and Co, Binghamton NY and send $1.00.
In the home helps section there is an ad from a Mrs G.H. Fretter from Detroit Michigan that will tell any suffering woman how she cured herself of female weakness at no charge!
But my favorite part of this clipping is the "For Exchange" section. Here is an example of what people wanted to trade:
Miss Florence Ross of Circleville Ohio will trade two braids of fine dark brown hair for dry goods or offers or a recipe to keep jellies from molding for two yards of good outing flannel, any color.
Mrs. M.E. Woodard of Wildrose Wisconsin would like to trade a recipe for reducing flesh for 10 yards of calico or 6 yards of worsted goods.
Ina Hicks of Exray West Virginia will trade a recipe for enlarging the bust and a recipe for making lily face wash, for three yards of good muslin or outing.
Mrs. M Booth of Fall River MA wants to trade one year each of Peoples Home Journal, The Mayflower, Fireside Gems, Golden Moments, and Nichols Monthly for two pairs of black cashmere stockings, size 8, for a child. (Note: I read this one through a couple times trying to decide if she wanted the stockings for the child or if whe would trade the stockings for the child)
Mrs G.W. McCalister of Murdockville PA would like to trade a side saddle for a singing bird.
Mattie Brown of Trenton NJ will trade a course in magnetic healing for any offer.
Mrs. Charles M Hawn of Leo Wyoming wants to trade a corset cover for anything useful.
Mrs Allie Gardner of Palmyra Iowa would like for the lady who suggested eating burnt sponge
for goitre to write to her.
And the list goes on and on.
Reading this clipping is like reading a history book. The history of everyday people, not the history of wars or government or explorers that you learn in school. And that's what interests me most.


MammyT said...

Linda, I am cracking up! It's almost too much to believe. Burnt sponge? Cashmere socks? That is priceless. You better try to preserve it somehow. Thanks for looking for the one on ATC's. I'm sorry you can't find "wee clownie". Several people have, so there is hope. Tomorrow she will scoot off to somewhere else.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh what fun!! I love reading old newspapers too. Great entertainment.
I love your roses and your white Iris is gorgeous. I had one bloom last year, but I'm afraid the early freeze we had last year may have killed it because it isn't growing this year.
Don't eat too many of those chocolate chip bars. Don't they look yummy?

Hummingbird Chats said...

Linda, This just made me laugh out loud. Maybe I need the cured for female weakness...hehehe, but on the other hand I would rather have the yard goods..smiles.. Katie