Thursday, May 15, 2008


My roses are in full bloom right now! It smells heavenly walking along the walk toward the pool. The poolhouse is clean, the pool is clean, just one small problem. It's too cold to swim!

We have had a very cool spring and the water temperature hasn't risen over 71 degrees. Yngwie and I did get in weekend before last, but it was very chilly! Our solar cover dry rotted over the last few seasons and our new one isn't in yet. Boy do I miss it!

I planted this clematis last year and it didn't bloom, but this year it has a beautiful bloom and is still growing!

Grandmother is still not doing very good. Today is her 96th birthday and the entire family will be going to the nursing home this evening to celebrate with her. This morning she didn't believe us when we told her she would be 96.

Hope everyone has a blessed day



Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your grandmother.
Your pool house is beautiful and so are the roses.

Libby said...

Beautiful roses. Special birthday wishes to your grandma on her day *s*

Primgal55 said...

I am so sorry your grandmother isn't doing well. I hope that she is able to enjoy the family on her very special day. hugs, Linda

MammyT said...

LInda, your pool house and pool look wonderful. I can imagine all the fun YOur son and his friends will have when it warms up. I do hope grandma gets a big lift from her birthday party.
Almost forgot. Yes, that picture you asked about is one of my cards. And yes they can be an obsession!

Maggie Ann said...

How beautiful!..that you still have your Grandmother and your flower!