Friday, May 16, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

This week for show and tell I would like to show you a few things that I got at the thrift store this week. This lot of vintage patterns was $1.00! I really like the apron pattern that is 2nd to the left on the top. The pattern beside it is strange, the Advance pattern, it says view A and B are aprons. (a and b are the two smaller photos on the left) it says view c is a poncho! (view c is the red garment with the blue hat) does anyone get that? I also like the housecoat pattern with the heart shaped pockets. I will definitely use the apron pattern, the others I may sell.
When I pulled this garment out of my bag, my son said "Mom, please tell me you are not going to wear that anywhere!". I told him I might, but in reality I wouldn't I just bought this top for the trim that is on it. The picture doesn't do it justice but the braided gold trim with rhinestones is so pretty! This was also $1.00This last item was bought at a yard sale last weekend. I don't have very many primitives in my house but I loved this doll! She now sits on my petticoat mirror in the foyer. I have no idea what she would have cost retail but I paid $15.00 for her. I am calling her Elizabeth.
For more show and tell, head over to and join the fun.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love those patterns. Especially the apron one. Good find.

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed seeing the patterns. I used to sew quite a bit...but no more. That doll is amazing!

Barbara H. said...

Those are great finds! I have given many old patterns to thrift stores -- I am glad to know someone buys them! That trim is just gorgeous! What a great buy! And the doll is lovely. Her name suits her.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love Elizabeth!!! You couldn't have chosen a more perfect place for her to be the mirrored effect.

My Show N Tell is all native american, and mostly jewelry. Won't you stop by. [you'll have to scroll down below my book review for the commenting link tho!] Happy weekend.

Thru Pink Curtains said...

love your doll!!! and isn't that a typical comment for a boy. My sons would have said the same thing !!! hahhah

Mary said...

Those patterns are vintage, for sure and it's not easy to find apron patterns anymore. I also like the housecoat pattern.

Mom has hundreds of patterns from the late 1940s until present day. She is an avid sewer.

Thanks for sharing. You sure got a good bargain.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my bird music box from my aunt. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Susie said...

Great vintage patterns. We donated many of Grandma's patterns when she passed. She has literally boxes and I had no where to store them. I think you got some great bargains in your thrifting!

Kindra said...

Great buys!! I especially love your prim doll. She's precious. Can't wait to see that apron when it's made!! Have a great weekend!

Primgal55 said...

Hi Linda, Oh you brought back some sweet memories with those patterns! My mom sewed a lot of our clothes when we were young and of course I sew some too. Haven't used a pattern like that in years though! FUN FUN! And I just love Elizabeth. She looks Victorian to me so she fits nicely into your home! Oh - my wooden buckets are called firkins. :-) Thanks for stopping by! hugs, Linda

Primgal55 said...

LOL - some Russian guy's blog is under Linda on your list! Check it out!
hugs, Linda

Jewelgirl said...

Love the doll she is very prim
and proper and perfect where she's
sitting! Oh, I remember those
glam-glittery fabrics/trims from the late 1960's, and the silver
shoes and purses to match. Fun!

MammyT said...

I agree with you on the weirdness of the first pattern! the apron pattern looks real nice. I haven't made a pinafore style one yet, but I did get a pattern for one. I'll get to it.
I received my egg today. It's gorgeous. I like the way it has its own little felted spot to sit on. It's right at home with the others. Thank you so much!
Lizi will write to you.
I like the doll. I don't do primitives much either, but that one is very nice.

Kelli said...

The patterns are so fun, Linda! I really like the apron. I also like the pretty trim...I hope you will share what you use it for and the doll is too sweet!

Wanita said...

Great finds at the thrift store. I hope you'll show us what you make with the lovely trim.

Have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

I like the housecoat pattern. It reminds me of the stuff my mother wore...Kathy

Carrie said...

Your doll is very nice. I have not seen a doll like that recently.

Jaderocks said...

What great finds. The patterns back then looked like art. Boy seeing them sure does bring back memories. Smart girl buying a piece of clothing for a fraction of what you would pay for the trim.
I think Elizabeth was meant to sit in that little spot she looks great. Thanks for sharing

Kimba said...

Looks like we both did well yardsale-ing this week! I liked seeing your patterns.


Rue said...

What great finds! I love that doll :)


Maggie Ann said...

She looks like the perfect 'Elizabeth'...very pretty and proper! I like her. And...I've been so 'in the mood' to sew something. Your patterns look enticing. =)

Classics and Country said...

Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoyed you blog, can't wait to come see what else you have to share.