Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of Summer

Well, summertime is winding down here is SW Virginia. The children are all back in school, the leaves are beginning to turn red and gold, and today is rainy and cool. September can still be quite warm here, but at nights you can really feel the difference in the air. There is always just a "nip" to it.
Last weekend Yngwie had some of his friends down for some tubing and boating. They were so not ready to go back to school!
After a few hours on the lake, they decided to hit the pool and have some supper!

People jumping should be an Olympic event! I'm not sure who was crazier, the young man who is jumping or the three who stood there and let him jump them!

We haven't really firmed up our plans for the holiday weekend, but I am hoping for some time to get out to some of my favorite antique stores and maybe visit a town several miles away where I saw some really cool looking antique stores, but they were closed on the Sunday that I was there. Monday I will start pulling out my fall decorations, if I can still shimmy up that little opening to our attic!

Have a great day all!


Linda said...

Hi Linda,

Did I ever tell you my great Aunt lived in Stuarts Draft? I remember going there in the fall one year so my mom could see if the colors on the Blue Ridge were as pretty as NE. It really is!! Enjoy these cooler days!

hugs, Linda

Jess said...

Funny pics...boys will be boys you know.

Enjoyed it...

Have a good weekend.

Bovey Belle said...

Hi Linda - those photos SO remind me of my children playing in their Uncle Rod's pool when we used to holiday with him each summer. We had to DRAG them out of the pool for meals!

It feels like Autumn here already - leaves falling from the Sycamores, misty mornings, and still drizzly rain nearly EVERY day and hardly any sunshine. Our autumn is so gradual - not like the dramatic leaf fall you have over there - it must be SO beautiful.

Arlene Grimm said...

Looks like a fun time at your house Linda!