Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer's Bounty Continues!

My gardens are still thriving even though we have been going through a very dry spell. Luckily we live on a lake and can pump water to the gardens from there. But nothing is better for gardens than a full day of rain.Check out the size of these turnips! I would have loved to weigh it but it seems my scale sprouted legs and walked away, because no one knows where it is. (does that ever happen in your home?).
The little cherry tomato plants continue to provide hundreds of tiny, delicious, sweet, balls of taste! They are soooo sweet. We eat them like candy. Note to anyone who wants to plant cherry tomatoes: You only need ONE plant! Really. Trust me of this.
I can hardly wait for this little fellow to be ready! I have 3 of these little Sugar Baby watermelons.
I also have the motherload of banana peppers! I usually just slice these into rings and freeze them so that I can use them in Mexican dishes all winter long! In the fall these are so pretty as they start turning orange and red. They can be substituted for red and yellow peppers in most recipes as they are very sweet.
This butternut squash just volunteered to grow! I guess where one of my butternuts from last year rotted into the ground, the seed came up this year and I have a couple of butternut squash that will be ready soon. Volunteers are always welcome in my garden!
This is probably the vegetable I am most excited about! For the last 2-3 years I have had zero luck growing pumpins. They bloom then die. But this year I have 3 pumpkins on the vine and they are just starting to turn orange! They aren't real big, the largest being about the size of a basketball. They should be ready just in time for fall decorating! It will be so cool to have grown my own jack-o-lantern!

The green beans are just about finished. I was able to can 21 quarts from two small rows. I will pull them up this weekend and till for the fall planting which will be kale, mustard, and turnips.

The tomatos are still plugging along. I was able to can 1 pint, and 9 half pints of salsa this past weekend.

I really dread the gardening season winding down, but look forward to fall with it's cooler temps. We are supposed to be 98 degrees today with high humidity.

Stay cool and have a great day!



PEA said...

Your garden is winding down and mine hasn't even started producing yet! lol Over here in Northern Ontario we have such a late and short growing season. It will be another couple of weeks before anything is ready to eat and then it will all be ready at the same time and I'll be going crazy pickling and canning! Everything in your garden looks so lush and healthy:-) xoxo

Kelli said...

Everything looks wonderful, Linda! I wish I could try some of those tomatoes...yum! Oh and butternut squash is my favorite. :0)

Anonymous said...

My garden is winding down also. It is having help with the 100+ temps we are having this week.
I really enjoyed looking at your site today and thanks for visiting mine.
Have a great day!

Andrea said...

Wow, your garden looks great. I know you are proud to grow all this. With our drought our garden did not do very well.

Sarah said...

I know I may by in the minority, but I love turnips! Thanks for the great pictures. Your garden is beautiful!