Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six Quirky but Boring things about me!

My friend Arlene over at has challenged me to a new meme. Six quirky, but boring things about me. I could probably list 100!

1. I have to arrange colored candies, like M&M's by color before I can eat them. Then I eat the color with the most down to the color with the least. Sounds a little OCD, huh?

2. I can pick up things on the floor with my toes just as easily as with my fingers. That probably stems from being too lazy to bend over.

3. I love Halloween and go all out decorating for it.

4. I sleep with my window open just a little all year round. I like to hear the outside noises.

5. I once drowned a kitten, by trying to baptize it in a rain barrel. I got in huge trouble for that one. I was probably 5-6 at the time.

6. I was the "Arch" angel in the church Christmas pageant for years because I was the only one who could remember the "fear not, for behold" verses in the Bible.

7. I'm adding a seventh just because I can. I LOVE those cheap frozen pot pies! The ones that used to cost a dime when I was growing up. I could eat one every day.

I'm tagging anyone who would like to play along!

Have a great day!


PEA said...

Dearest Linda,

I'm just now catching up with your last few posts, it's been one of those weeks with no time for visiting. First of all, I was so sorry to hear of your loss...please accept my sincere sympathies. Your grandmother will always be in your heart!!

I enjoyed your meme....I love those pot pies as well and buy some every week! lol xoxo

Mam said...

Hey, girlie! You're quirkier than I thought. The m&m thing has me wondering...increase your medication! :) We had a friend who always said, "I feel nekkid without mah watch", so that cracked me up.

Jess said...

Hi Linda...thanks for stopping by my blog...I love your Meme! I do the same with the M&M's and colored candies....Guess we are both OCD!

Sorry about your grandmother...

I will be visiting regularly now!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I hope you show lots of pictures of your halloween decorations!
I can understand the m&m color seperating thing!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for responding to the challenge!! It is always fun to find out interesting things about our friends.

Kelli said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween decorations! I haven't had one of those pot pies in a long time...I love them too! I'll have to pick some up for the weekend. :0)

Mountain Mama said...

Those are some interesting things and I didn't find one boring one at all.
That poor little kitten!!!
You were such a little girl you probably didn't realize what was happening. I can't help wonder what pastor you may have seen baptizing someone. I hope he didn't hold them under that long.

Anonymous said...

Your quirks made me smile :O) It's fun to hear little things about others, makes ya feel more normal-LOL!
Shayne Louree

ceekay said...

Well, your Halloween is coming quickly! The m&ms....any color for me in any order and at any time!!

Susie said...

This was an interesting meme. That must come in handy being able to pick things up with your toes. I hope you post some pictures of your Halloween decor.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Linda, I hope you had a lovely weekend!...Would you please send me your address...I am assigning partners for everyone this week for my Halloween swap, so am trying to gather them all up! Thanks so much!...heidi XO