Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Past

Good Tuesday morning!  It is bright and sunny here in SW Virginia and is supposed to be about 71 degrees today.  The perfect spring day. 
How was every one's Easter?  I am so sad Easter is over.  It's my favorite holiday.  Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful but I was a little worried when I woke up and saw the sky like this.  But it quickly cleared off and the sun popped out.

Back inside I was excited to find that the Easter Bunny came!

These are Dear Husband and Yngwies baskets.

This is mine!

Yngwie's idea of humor... Did you see the movie HOP?  Then you will "get" this picture!

  Yngwie and I went to church but not to the sunrise service as we had planned.  We were just too lazy to get up!
Did you get a new Easter dress?  I made my skirt with the scalloped hem.  I really like how it turned out and it made up in about 2 hours!
After Church my Dad, Mother-in-law, sister and her fiance came down for lunch.  We always have way too much food.
After dinner we all went out and inspected my garden.  I am very disappointed in my potatoes.  I planted 50 lbs on March 17 and over half of them rotted in the ground!  I have no idea why, we haven't had a lot of rain and I didn't water them very often.

That's my dad.  Love him so much!
Hope everyone has a great week!



Ann said...

We had a marvelous Easter. I sing in the choir so I sang Sat night, Sun (2) services. Got home around 12:00 noon and had all day to prepare for dinner and our easter egg hunt. First year we eaten around 5:00 and I really liked this instead of trying to hurry after church and get it all on the table. come see my photos from yesterday. Your skirt turned out really cute and I love all the baskets. So neat your Dad was there--your yard looks so pretty.

Debby said...

Ilove your pictures. What a beautiful couple you are.
I will share my grandbabies.

Vee said...

The scallop skirt came out so cute! No, no new dresses or skirts here. I am sorry about all those potatoes rotting. Are you going to try again or do something different?