Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Monday Morning!  Winter has returned to Virginia. Brrrr...  We have gotten spoiled having much warmer than average weather and now it's colder than average and we are freezing! 

This weekend DH and I drove south to Winston-Salem, NC to just get away and to attend an estate sale that I had read about online.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and it had been awhile since just he and I had gotten away.

The estate sale had started on Thursday so there wasn't as much there as I had hoped but enough that I found some delightful treasures that I will be sharing with you this week and they were half price!

I got 10 of these adorable, bisque Frozen Charlotte dolls.  I really do love these quaint little dolls and they don't take up much room either
And they two little rubber babies riding in this pink plastic swan has just too sweet to pass up! 

This is a little paper book with the story of Red Riding Hood and is a advertisement for Red Riding Hood shoes for little girls.  It is dated 1911.

This is the weird thing.  The store that is being advertised was in our hometown!

I will share some more goodies later in the week!




Shirley Hatfield said...

I love finding things that have a historical copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin was sold in an old department store in my home town that had been gone for decades...I was thrilled to find the original price stamp on the inside cover. Don't you wish sometimes you could visit your town in the good old days? said...

Hey, you scooped up some great finds, especially the pink swan:)