Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Paper Dolls

Good Friday Morning!  It's a beautiful sunshiney day here is SW Virginia!  I am so excited, the carnival is in town and DH and I are headed there later tonight.  I don't like carnival rides anymore but I love the atmosphere! And the cotton candy!

I thought I would show you some more of the fun goodies that I bought last weekend at the estate sale.

When I was growing up my Aunt Clara would always buy me paper dolls when we would go out.  I had lots of them and played with them all the time at her house.  As a matter of fact, she saved them all and I still have them though they are very well loved and played with! (Read torn, ratty, marked on and well used!)

The lady whose estate sale I went to must have collected paper dolls because there were hundreds of them there!  Most of them never cut!

I bought these uncut Liddle Kiddles because I have some just like them that I played with.  I can't imagine any little girl not wanting to cut these out!
Remember Liddle Kiddles?
They came with props that you could cut out.  The Sizzly Friddle was my favorite!
There was also this Trixie Beldon paper doll, also uncut.  I have all the Trixie Beldon books from my girlhood.  I love the adventures of Trixie and Honey

She has some really cool clothes!

There was also this Magic Mary paper doll dated 1946

Her clothes have magnets attached and they stick to the dolls body!  I never had any like that.

This note was inside the dolls box.  She paid $10 in 1987.  I paid $5.00 last week.

I also got these Sweetheart dolls that have been played with,

But their clothes had not been cut out! Weird, who plays with the dolls and not the clothes?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I am running in a 5k tomorrow as our town's Dogwood Festival.  Wish me Luck, I'll need it!


Nicki said...

I actually had some of the Liddle Kiddles dolls and doll house. I was so bummed when I learned that my mom had thrown them away after I left for college (along with my Band Jacket- including Senior Letter patch - but that is a whole separate story). Loved these as well as paper dolls - great find.

Nan said...

I love paper dolls too. There is a website where you can buy all kinds of them have you seen that? I have bought a few from them for use in scrapping or just because I'm attracted to them. Another site I watch is Paper something or other, can't remember but it's in my blog roll and she often posts paper dolls. Nan

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

These are precious! I remember paper dolls were my favorites when I was growing up. I loved it when my mom would get her new copy of McCall's magazine and I'd be able to cut out the latest Betsy McCall and her new clothes. Thanks for the memories:-)

Linda said...

I used to love paper dolls. Actually, I still like them a lot! Thanks for posting. Best wishes, Linda

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I played with paper dolls, too. I remember that my Mom would help me cut them out but I was such a perfectionist, I didn't like the way she cut them. She sure put up with a lot and still does! Hee hee. Hope you have a great weekend!---------- Shannon

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I remember playing with my paper dolls. They would be all taped back together, because they were well worn! I think you had a wonderful find. I would be very tempted to cut them out and play with them while my kids were at school! Ha ha!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your paper dolls are amazing! I never find those! WOW! Love Trixie Beldon...and all of them!

GardenofDaisies said...

Linda, I am very happy to have found another paperdoll collector in blogland!! You found some really wonderful dolls at the sale!! I played with Liddle Kiddles when I was a girl.(did a post about that about a year ago) And I read some Trixie Belden too. (I would have read more if they had been available. I did read ALL the Nancy Drew mysteries.)