Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Fairy Ring!

I have really enjoyed looking at photos of Fairy Gardens on many of the blogs I read, and have bought and made a couple of things to make one of my own. But I thought I would show you a picture of the fairy ring that was in my yard last fall!
Wikipeia says that fairy rings are diseased grass where fungi spores live and create the rings. What a bunch of dummies! We all know that fairy rings are caused from fairies or pixies dancing in a circle at night.

In one of the "Still Meadow" books by Gladys Taber, they talk about going to hunt mushrooms that grow in fairy rings for they were edible. I'm not sure I would take a chance on eating the mushrooms in my yard, but I love that the fairies chose my yard to dance on!

Midnight, our cat, says it was definitely fairies that created the ring, because as you can see, she is very alert to what is going on, so of course I believe her!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!



~ Janice ~ said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I was thrilled to see your photo and post about the fairy ring you had last fall. It's wonderful!! I've never seen one that large before. Once I saw a small one in our forest. I too, have heard they are edible, but I would not take a chance, plus they belong to the fairies anyway! :o)

PEA said...

Hi Linda:-) Ooooooh a faerie ring!! Yup, you definitely had faeries dancing there:-) What do scientists know! Ppffttt! hehe Just make sure your kitty knows that faeries are not to eat! lol xoxo

smilnsigh said...

I don't remember that particular quote in one of Gladys' books, but I'm sure it's there. But even though she said so, I'd not trust that idea either. :-)

And yes, what a bunch of dummies are those Wikipedia folks. Not knowing about dancing faeries and pixies!!! ,-)


Lynne said...

Of course the ring was made by fairies, your cat can probably saw the whole thing! Thanks for visiting my blog.
I've seen fairy rings in a park near where I live, I wish they would visit my yard sometime!

Lori B said...

I used to see those fairy rings in the previous home that we lived in.

Kelli said...

That is amazing! I'll bet you were so excited to see it. We are all fans of fairies around here and I will be sure to show my girls this picture in the morning. I remember that part in Gladys Tabers book too. :0)


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Wow, I never knew there was a name for that! Love your kitty Midnight...beautiful!

DC said...

Hi Linda! I've just be browsing through your blog and came upon you fairy ring and that cute post!

Have you ever been to Fairystone Park?

We pass it each time on our way home from Roanoke. May daughter has been up there for nearly 12 years and didn't even know about it. I really want to stop there one time.

Talk to you later!