Monday, June 25, 2007

This and That

Good Morning! This weekend was definitely better than last! My Mother in law is continuing to gain strength. I am taking her to the Dr. this morning for a post hospital visit check-up. She made the appointment this week-end and I told my boss yesterday I would need the morning off to take her. He wasn't very happy about it. I hate feeling "between a rock and a hard spot". I know I am needed at work and I know I must take care of my MIL. My husband couldn't get the morning off. Yngwie is studying for his learners permit and will probably go this weekend to test, but I do not feel comfortable with him driving her with very little experience.

I got my new Gooseberry Patch Christmas book in the mail this week-end and there are so many great ideas in this book. I really love all the paper crafts they have and the recipes make me so hungry just looking at them. The Lime thumprint cookies are going on my list to make this week! I love anything "citrusy". BTW, todays June 25th! Only 6 more months to Christmas! (Don't shoot me!)

I spent alot of time outside this weekend working in the flower garden, the veggie garden and just taking a stroll down to the lake. We live in a rural area and the deer around here are all but tame! The fellow in the above photo was out taking a stroll too. They come right into our yards and last year one even walked onto my porch and ate the pansies in my planters. There are 3 baby deer that sleep in the clearing just before you get to the lake on our property. The are so cute. Not much bigger than our labrador and still have their spots. They look just like Bambi. Everytime I take my camera on my walk, they of course are not there.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!



Tracy said...

Your hydrangeas are beautiful!
Glad to hear your MIL is on the mend.

Lovella said...

Your hydrangea is just so pretty.
Glad to hear that things are a bit better over your way.

About me: said...

HI Linda,
Lovely nature photos! Your hiacynth bush looks just like mine. The lime thumbprint cookies make my mouth water. We make thumbprint cookies in our bakery during the holidays. You are so right about it being 6 months until Christmas!
I hope all goes well with MIL. I understand about work and older parents.
Blessings to you, Karen (aka: Jenn4Him's mom)

About me: said...

HI Linda again,

Oops, I wrote hiacynth instead of hydrangeas! I meant hydrangeas!

Trella said...

Glad to hear your MIL is doing better.
I love all the photos. You live in beautiful area.

Lori B said...

Your flowers are so pretty.

I'm glad to hear that your MIL is doing better.

I had to giggle as the pastor at church yesterday brought up the fact that 6 months from now will be Christmas and that all had 100 some days left to Christmas shop. Everyone laughed.

Amy said...

Baby deer? awww how cute! I so love hydrangeas, mine are resting at the moment but no doubt they'll be out at spring :-)

Sharon said...

Your hydrangeas are so pretty! Mine got bit hard by a late freeze and now my bush is half the size it was but the leaves are beautiful now. I don't know if it will bloom this year or not.

smilnsigh said...

So happy that your MIL is improving.


PEA said...

Hope all goes well at the doctor's when you bring your MIL for her appointment! That Christmas book looks wonderful...they always have such great recipes and craft ideas in them. The deer must be so much fun to watch...I guess you don't mind them around if they're not eating your flowers and veggies! lol xox

Lyndy said...

I just love hydrangeas they are one of my favorites. Glad to hear your MIL is doing better.

I know how it is when you need to work but have obligations to family. It is tough but what we are called to do.

Enjoy the rest of your week.