Wednesday, August 22, 2007


While surfing around the web, I have found many crafters who make these embellished cones, so I decided to give it a try.
I was wishing for fall weather yesterday, so I made mine with a fall theme. Please ignore the junk in the background!

I have black tissue paper stuffed in mine right now, but I thought for Halloween, I would fill them with candy to give to the girls at work. They are really fun to make.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!



Kelli said...

That is so cute, Linda! I love the little scarecrow and I'm sure your friends will love having one filled with candy!


Tami said...

Great idea. I'm thinking some small version would be good for my girls. Thanks for the idea.

PEA said...

Linda, they are just simply fabulous!! I've seen those around too and have always thought they were a great you've got me wanting to make some:-) xox

Trudi M said...

Very nice cone, I want to make some. I see them so often and think they are so charming. I just don't manage my time well and therefor don't get much crafting done. A goal I must meet soon.