Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dogs and Stuff

I was busy last weekend making some "camo" dogs for my twin nephews for their birthday. When they saw the one I had made for their sister, they both wanted one in "camo" fabric. I tried different kinds of ribbon for collars and decided "Boy" dogs should not wear a ribbon. I may pick up some real dog collars for them. On my way to my Grandmothers on Sunday, I took a picture of this house because it has always been one of my favorites, and now it is being torn down for a new road. I know the road is really needed through there but I have always loved this house. It has a huge barn and used to have several stables and riding rinks for horses. I can just imagine what fun past occupants had in that house. I can't help but feel sad for old abandoned houses. Think of how excited the builders of the house were when they were moving into their beautiful brand new home. Sunday evening, when I was taking a walk down to the lake, I found that I wasn't alone in my walk. This beautiful deer stood perfectly still for quite some time as I continued to walk up to her. She finally ran off when I was within 50 feet, but was nice enough to pose for a photo before she was off. There is also ALOT of caterpillar nests in our trees! We are going to be bombarded with caterpillars this fall. Several years ago, our elderly neighbor decided to wage war against the caterpillars and after a "few" drinks, decided to go light the nests on fire. Needless to say, the fire got out of hand in the woods right next to our house! The fire department was able to extinguish the fire before too much damage was done. But he didn't learn his lesson, the next year he did it again! This time my husband was able to put the fire out before it spread to other trees.

It is supposed to be 100 degrees here today. Sigh. I'm looking forward to fall, ya'll!

Have a blessed day



Tina Leigh said...

I love the dogs. What if you used some brown ribbon but not tied in a would look like a collar. You had a nice about those worms!! Now it would be WAR around my house if we had some of those...they destroy the leaves. We spray our trees to prevent these or to kill them if any do set in. So there would not be any FIRES!! LOL! They will be back in your trees next year but more of them. GET RID of them!!

smilnsigh said...

"I can't help but feel sad for old abandoned houses."

Oh me too!!! And what a lovely house that must have been, when happily cared for. Oh sigh...

I have one I keep seeing, on the outskirts of town, which I'd just love to be able to 'rescue.' It's been empty for ages, and when this happens, one wonders if it's tied up in litigation, between heirs. Anyway, it's for sale. But much too close to a now busy road. We wonder how much land is behind it, and goes with it? And if a lot, and if someone had lots of money, they could move it back from the busy road and... -sigh-

But we don't and I fear that this little old house will go the way of the one you pictured... Meaning, it will be torn down, for some sort of progress. Probably a new McMansion or some such. Bahh humbug.

Must take a pic of it! And put it on my My City Photos blog. 'Cause not everything around here, is neat. And it's only 'truth in advertising' to show that. :-)

Those camo doggies are the cutest!


Lindy said...

The camo dogs are adorable! How cute! I think I want one. lol

The old house is so beautiful. It's so sad that it's going to be torn down! My grandparents' old home was torn down a few years ago. I had no idea, and when taking a drive down a country road to see it, I was shocked to find that it was gone! I was totally devastated and even cried right there in the car. The pic of the house made me think of that.

Hmmm...I bet if the deer had been holding a camera, it would have taken a picture of you, too. hehe

Lindy :)

Tina said...

I love the picture of the cool old house. I love old is a shame it was desserted.

I found you through my friend Tracy's blog. I look forward to coming back and reading more!

Amy said...

Seriously is that an abandoned house? Oh wow what a dreadful waste! What a beautiful place it could be...

Kelli said...

I didn't realize those were caterpillar nests! I see them in our neighborhood once in awhile and always wonder.

That is such a lovely old house. How sad that it is being torn down. I'm glad you got a picture of it first!

The little camo puppies are SO cute!


Stephanie said...

Love the dogs, love the house, love the deer, but HATE the bagworms--or at least they look like the bagworms we used to have in Albquerque. They destroy the trees. Four years ago when we moved here (NC) I never saw any of these. We started seeing some last summer, and now they're EVERYWHERE--even along the side of the highway. Wish I knew how to get rid of mine.

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I posted the trees with the caterpillar nest in my blog this morning also. When I came to your blog for the first time this morning and saw your tree photo, I just laughed. I guess great minds do think alike. LOL

Tami said...

Hi, I'm new to your site. I'm Lori B.'s sis-n-law. Hope you don't mind me visiting.

I, too, feel sad for old, neglected houses. Even old rusty cars. I blame Disney for this. He gave us the ability to humanize everything, so when I see an old house, I think how sad it must be to not be loved anymore. Same with old cars. Darn that movie. :0)

Stop by and "visit" me sometime. I would love to make new friends.


Lori said...

The dogs you made are so cute!!!

Paula said...

I hate to see old homes torn down. What a shame! Is this one close to Roanoke?

Jodi said...

When my hubby and I lived in Maine, our back windows overlooked an abandoned farm and house (that looked a *lot* like yours in the picture). I used to imagine what an amazing home that must have been in it's day. I love to see old buildings restored. It is sad when progress brings them down.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim said...

The dogs you made are so cute!

I know what you mean about abandoned houses, Linda...I feel the same way! I bet that house was a beauty!