Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Take a Stroll through my Garden!

I actually took these photos last week, with all the record high temperatures we have been having mixed with no rain in weeks and none in sight, the flowers are starting to wilt and turn yellow. So are the trees. I am afraid that the beautiful fall colors will not be so spectacular this year because of the lack of rain.
I love this burgundy colored sunflower. It is from Burpee seed and is called a "Chianti" The blooms are not very big, but are a rich burgundy color.
I love this little orange flower too. Does anybody have any idea what it is? It's stems almost look like daffodils. I planted them two years ago and forgot to mark what they are. This is the first year they have bloomed.
And last but certainly not least are the marigolds. I think Marigolds have gotten a bad rap. I hear people say they smell bad and they don't like them because they are too common. While I agree they aren't exactly "perfumy" smelling, I like the scent because it reminds me of fall. And marigolds are common because they are so easy to grow. I always just scrape a place in the soil fill with seeds and pretty much forget about them and they always grow. I especially like the colors of these.

Does anyone know how to do a rain dance? Boy, we sure could use it. When you walk in our yard it's like walking on hay. It is so dry.

Hope everyone is having a great week.




Kelli said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful! I especially love that burgundy one...we'll have to try those next year. Benjamin's yellow sunflower just bloomed today...it likes the miserable heat we are having..LOL!
I don't know what the orange flower are but they are pretty!
Stay cool!

Amy said...

I love your flowers, I could be way wrong but I think the orange flowers are either a type of lily or a diasporama...must get my thinking cap on...

Belle-ah said...

I love the burgandy sunflower...Burpee is the best! The orange flowers look like some sort of iris (the stalks look that way...if they are stiff as they appear...if not I would think a lily of some type).

smilnsigh said...

Thank you much for saying you love my Seed post.

And I love your burgundy sunflower! Oh my, never saw one! Just beeeutiful!


Susie said...

That burgundy colored sunflower is so different and striking. I agree marigold are very fall-like and easy to grown. My only problem with them is that they are one of the snails favorite snacks :)

Jodi said...

Oh what a magnificent size that first sunflower is, and I love the Chianti (we've grown those before).

Re: Marigolds ...
A couple of years ago we were researching edible flowers and found that marigolds qualified. My eldest son decided to give them the taste test by eating the entire flower ... not a good idea ~ lol! The petals alone taste much better, but we did find that while some varieties were peppery, others were just plain bitter!

Hope you get rain soon! We're supposed to get rain this weekend, and boy do we need it.

Lori said...

Your garden is always so beautiful!!!

Becky said...

Hi, I wandered over here from Kelli's. I think the flower you are asking about is a crocosmia. I have it in my garden also, but mine did not bloom at all this year. I do not know why. They have been so stunning in the year past. You can start at this site and see what you think. They are related to the gladiolus.


Happy gardening.