Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Is anyone else sick of this intense heat? It has been in the mid 90's to lower 100's for almost two weeks now. The shop my husband works in does not have air conditioning and the temperature in there has been around 105 for two weeks. He is so exhausted by the heat that when he gets home he just sinks into a chair and chills.
This past weekend was lots of fun. We went with a couple other families down to Greensboro, NC to Wet and Wild Emerald Pointe water park. It was really crowed but at least the weather wasn't as hot as it is in VA. The park has great water slides for babies all the way up to seniors.
Yesterday my husband and I went for a jetski ride after supper. Because of the drought in our area, (no rain in over a month) the lake is so low. Some peoples boat docks were completely out of the water. I truly hate the devastation that hurricanes bring, but I sure hope they send some rain our way.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.



Andrea said...

It is HOT down here in Georgia also. My grandson and I stay inside as much as possible. He loves to play outside but it has been so hot he has no desire to go out. Hopefully this extremely hot weather will be over soon. We need rain too along with cooler days. Sad thing is, in a few months everyone will be complaining it is too cold.

~ Janice ~ said...

Hi Linda,
Wow, you do have some heat going on there! It's good you found some water to enjoy! We've actually had some rain here in western Oregon the last three days, a definate feel of fall is upon us!

Lori said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!
We had a lot of fun this summer at the swimming pools and water parks.

Susie said...

We're warm too, but not as hot (or humid?) as you. Glad you had fun at the waterpark. We're surrounded by waterways here and can go near them for cooling breezes.

PEA said...

Move over here, it's in the 60's! lol I don't know how you guys can stand that kind of heat, we're not used to that over here...when it's 80 we complain it's too hot! lol That water park sure looks like it was fun and a great way to cool off:-) xox

Kelli said...

Whew! I am tired of the heat too!! It looks like you went to the perfect place to cool off though. I'm really looking foward to fall!

Tami said...

Hey, you have our weather. We usually have the 100 degree weather and no rain this time of year. But, lately we've been in the 70's and it's rained twice. Rained tonight, in fact. Beautiful rainbow this evening.

Looks like you had fun at the water park. I'm jealous. We don't have parks like that very close to us.

Hope it cools down for you soon.