Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cute Little Varmit

I'm in my garden picking tomatoes and find evidence that something has been eating my tomatoes that are low to the ground. Hmmm, what could it be?

After a little rummaging around in the weeds, I found the culprit! This amazingly colored terrapin. Most people call these box turtles, but where I grew up in the south and in the country we say "Tarpins".
I gingerly picked up Mr. Tarpin and took him into the woods on the other side of our property and gently scolded him and told him to stay there.

Did he listen? Absolutely not. The very next day I found him eating a cantelope! So, me and Mr. Tarpin went for a ride. I took him to the field about a mile from my house. Let's hope he finds something just as tasty there and will not visit my garden again.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!



Tina Leigh said...

Well now I have to say...I aint never thought about a turtle eatin my garden stuff. As cute as he was I agree he had to go! Glad you caught him!

PEA said...

Now he's eating in someone elses garden and soon they'll be bringing him for a drive and drop him off near your place! LOL You'll sure look twice if you see him again, won't you! hehe I've never heard or seen one of those, how interesting!! xox

The Feathered Nest said...

That's different! I never heard of anyone complain about a turtle eating their garden stuff. At least he's slow enough to catch, versus that chipmunk that's been pestering me all summer LOL!


Morning Glory said...

Hi, I came by to say thank you for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed my way through yours and really like the sewing projects you've had going.

Come back any time. TN said...

Hi Linda, Thank you for visiting my blog. I kinda scaned though yours is a hurry, but I will be back. After all....we are NOT that far apart. I live just outside of Bristol.
About the "Tarpin"...that's what I've always called them too! Did you know they live for a very long time? There is one at my son-in-laws Mother's house that has been there for almost 50 years. Of course she lives in Central America, but I think they are the same here.
I loved your rocking chair. I'm working on one, but it still has about 50 coats of paint to remove. I bought some Farmby's paint remover...hopefully that will help.
And I have read ALL of the Mitford Series Books. I even have the cook book.
I will be back for another visit. Nice meeting you. (Thanks Tina)

Amy said...

oh how cool! We have green frogs here and no terrapins, lovely unique photos!

Jodi said...

...So, me and Mr. Tarpin went for a ride... LOL!

Oh, Linda, your story of your little friend was very funny. I do hope he stays PUT! ;o)

Lynne said...

Too funny. I'm trying to picture you and Mr. Tarpin going out for a drive.

~ Janice ~ said...

I had no idea a turtle would graze in a garden! What a surprise! Too bad he didn't listen to you when you scolded him. Perhaps you will have to take him farther away next