Friday, March 16, 2012

Martha Stewarts Craft Book and Have you seen my camera??

Yesterday on my way to my Jazzercise class I ran by the library to pick up a book that I wanted and as I walked by the new books I noticed this is the new books section.

Martha Stewarts Holiday Crafts!   On a whim I just grabbed it and checked it out and let me tell you this book is fantastic!!  It has crafts for every holiday that are easy to make and just adorable!
I found a couple of photos on line of some of the crafts in there.

I am definitely going to order this book!  Lots of good stuff.
And why am I posting photos of this book that I found online instead of taking photos of the book I have you may ask?  Because I can't find my camera!  Drat!  My 10 year old Kodak Easy Share that I love and won't give up for any other camera has sprouted legs and wandered away.  I'm sure it's home somewhere and I'm hoping I will find it this weekend when I'm cleaning.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and when I find my camera I'm going to show you a photo of the cutest pillow on earth that I won on a blog giveaway!  Wish me luck!


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