Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our Little Piece of Paradise!

FINALLY!!!  I have a computer that will work!!  I took back the "possessed" computer that I bought and got another one and low and behold, it works just fine!  I hate technical issues because I am not a technical kinda person.  I know enough about computers to be dangerous!

If you have read my blog very long you will know that our family LOVES the water!   So I thought I would show you an ariel photo of where we live.

See the little black arrow?  That's our house!  We live on what used to be my husband's family farm that has been in the family for around 200 years.  Back in 1964 the electric company built this lake to generate electricity for all the surrounding counties and hundreds if not thousands of farms were swallowed up by the water, including my husbands great grandfathers.

Dear Husbands great uncle inherited the property and sold tracts of the land to various family members, my husbands father being one of them.  They moved here in 1969 and have lived here ever since.  When I married DH in 1980, I moved here as well and we built a house on the property. 

In the 30+ years that I have lived here there have been so many changes.  The area has gone from farmland to a more suburban area.  Gone are all the hay fields, vegetable gardens, and forests.  In came huge houses for very wealthy folks who want to stay here in the summer and some who are planning to retire here.  I miss the old farmers who were here before, but we have been very lucky that all our new neighbors are very nice and friendly.

In the summer hardly a day goes by that we aren't on the lake.  It is especially beautiful in the early spring mornings when the leaves are beginning to unfurl and there is a mist on the lake.  I love walking down there and sitting on the dock and having my morning coffee.  Watching the cranes and seagulls, listening to the sound of the robins singing their good morning songs, waving hello to the fishermen who are up before light hoping to land the "big one". 

I love living in our little piece of paradise!

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday!



Ann said...

I would say that your home is a little piece of Heaven. Your are surely blessed to have such a place to enjoy this life. It reminds me of our place at the lake my family went to every weekend when I was going up. My Dad sold the property, if only I could have purchased it!!!!

Nicki said...

Yeah on the new computer and oh, such a beautiful parcel of land. You are indeed, very blessed with a rather nice piece of paradise.

vivian said...

oh lucky you!! Iwould love to live on the lake. Its my favorite place in the world.. on the water.
beautiful photo!
thanks for sharing.

GardenofDaisies said...

It looks beautiful there!! How lucky to be so close to the water. Now. Too bad about the farmland that was drowned though.