Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reminising about my Favorite Toy

The other day my sister and I were talking about how much fun we used to have on a toy that we called "those yellow things".  They do have a name.  They were called "The Swervey, Curvy, Topsy, Turvy, Tipsy, Skipsy,  Doodle".  Yeah, that's why we called them those yellow things!  I don't think anyone ever took a picture of us with ours, but after digging around on the Internet, I finally came up with a couple images of them.
Ours looked just like this one! 

We used them for everything!  We watched T.V. sitting in them, we used them as a teeter totter, they would slide down the hill in the snow like a sled, they floated and we would play with them in the lake.  We also would slide down the hill in the leaves in the hall on them.  I had no idea they came in other colors other than yellow until I found the above ad.
I will never forget the day we got them.  Our grandparents surprised us with a week day visit, which was very unusual because they lived almost 3 hours away.  Grandaddy came walking up the sidewalk carrying these things and I was giddy with excitement because I just knew they were us!  And they were!! 
We played with those yellow things for years and I think they were finally thrown away when Dad remarried and sold our house after we were grown.  Wonder if today's kid's would find them so entertaining?  Hmmm.....
On an entirely different subject, I am reluctantly telling everyone to check out Imagimeri's blog for a wonderful giveaway! ( I wanted to be the only one to enter!)
Have a great hump day!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Hi, Linda. When did those come out? I have no memory of them...yet the ads are definitely in the 60s to 70s. I wonder if they were popular when we lived out of the country? I know my younger siblings would have loved those. =D

Anonymous said...

Mine was blue and my sister had a red one. Loved it!! Probably got it in the late 60's (born in 64).