Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Spring is in the Air

SPRING!  My favorite time of year....The grass is getting green, the ornamental cherry trees are beginning to bloom, and the weeping willows are getting that fuzzy look about them....and I am doing this:
Planting onions!  I planted about half of the ones that I bought last weekend, but we haven't finished putting the fence up around the garden and I was afraid the deer might find them delicious but so far they haven't touched them.  We are expanding our garden again this year and had to take the existing fence down.  Hopefully, that project will be completed this weekend.  And this is what my laundry room looks like right now:

My tomato plants look spindly this year because they came up so fast!  I may have gotten the soil a little too warm.  But they will be fine because this weekend I am transplanting them into larger containers and will plant them deep.  This will give them a great root system and make the stems much hardier.  If you look closely you will see my grandmothers apron hanging there behind the shelves.

Here are some of the ones I transplanted last weekend.  They weren't quite ready but they were being crowded in the container that I started them in.  Already in just 3 days of being moved they have really taken off and are growing well.  I save yogurt containers all winter.  They make great transplanting cups!
I am growing Amish Paste, Roma, Yellow Pear, Mortgage Lifter, Supersonic, and Better Boy.  I think I have around 200 that have come up.

Hot peppers!  I saved some of the disposable tin pans that someone gave us some little cakes in for Christmas for watering trays.  I love it when I can reuse and re-purpose stuff. 
See those tiny little sprouts trying to come up?  Isn't that such a miracle?  Stick a scrawny looking seed in some dirt and a vegetable will grow.  Amazing!
They will hang out in my laundry room for another couple of weeks before I transition them to the greenhouse. 

What's growing in your part of the world??




Debby said...

I have daffodils peaking up thru the soil
I went shopping and have some goodies for you. I now need to box them up and go to the post office.

donna said...

Looks like you have been a busy girl. We have got as far as tilling the garden. I would love to make it a little bigger. Guess we will have to see how much fence we have.