Friday, March 02, 2012

Computers, ARGHHHHH!!!!

I think I'm jinxed when it comes to computers.  Honestly.  Our Desktop computer at home crashed a couple of weeks ago.  I took it in to the computer gurus we use for work and they said it was toast.  They were able to retrieve all my photos so I was relieved for that.  So while I decided what to do about a new computer I was using my son's.  But he is at school most of the time.  So Monday I headed over to a big box electronics store and purchased a new laptop!  Yay!  I thought... I should have known.....

I took it in to work and we installed my virus protection, Microsoft Office, and Firefox and all was well.  I was so excited.  I took it home and plugged it in.  Booted right up.  Plugged the internet cable in and clicked on my browser, straight to "google".  No problem.  Then I typed in name of the website I wanted to go to.  It just sat there.  I waited and waited.  Nothing.  So I tried another website.  Again, it just sat there and said connecting but it never did.  I check all my cords, they are all fine.  I try again, nothing.  So I have Yngwie plug his in and try it.  His works just fine so I know there's nothing wrong with the internet connection. 

Finally I give up and take it back into work.  It works absolutely fine at work.  So I send it over to our computer gurus.  It works just fine there.  Okay, maybe I plugged something in wrong.  I take it back home.  Carefully plug everything in.  It still will not go to any websites!!!!  I am beyond frustrated!!  They can find no reason why it won't work at my home.

So, today I am taking it back.  What do I tell them?  It's possessed?  I am going to return it and buy yet another one and try again.  Sigh.......

In other news, my tomato and pepper seedlings are really growing well!!!  They will need transplanting by next weekend.  I love this time of year!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Debby said...

I found you.
That is so weird that your computer won't work at home. It must have something to do with hooking up to your wireless. We had to buy a new one a couple months ago. We paid extra to have it already programed. Maybe they can do something at the store you bought it to make it work. Maybe the connection is different where you work. I know so little so should not even be advising. Good luck.

donna said...

Oh boy I can feel your pain. We just had to get a new lap top. So far so good. Now we are having troubles with the desk top. Hope all works out for you.

Anonymous said...

We use Apple computers and have never had even one problem with them. Have been using their line of products forever. They are much more expensive but in the long run... well, you get what you pay for is our motto. Sorry you are having problems. :-(