Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hankies- I don't collect these either!

Good Tuesday Morning.  Today should be interesting since I got an entire 2 hours of sleep last night.  I hope the girls in the office will pick me up off the floor when I fall over asleep at my desk.  My head was pounding.  Finally got it to stop this morning around 4:30, my alarm goes off at 5:00 so I decided there was no use in trying to go back to bed.  Lot's of coffee today!

Let's talk about vintage hankies.  I think they are so pretty, but so impractical.  My Aunt Clara and my Grandma used them but I couldn't stand the thought of "snotty" hankies in my purse!  Thank goodness for Kleenex!  But, they are very pretty and I guess that's why I stuck my hand up and bought them at the auction.  Sometimes I get carried away.  Often...
Lot's of hankies, 54 hankies in fact!

green hankies that I have already give my sister

except for this one, which I kept.

hankies in boxes and holiday hankies.

Look at the crocheted edging on these!

linen hankies

embroidered hankies

so many hankies

I love how colorful this one is.

so much work went into those edgings!

Cute little bunny.

Flowered hankies

My favorite hankie!  I love the purple violets.

Bright colors

Blue hankies

yellow hankies

How pretty is this!

They all came in this box

Could you have resisted bidding on these?

This little hat was laying on top and came with the hankies.  I can just see some little lady putting that on her head and going to church on Sunday morning.
I am going to have to find some kind of craft for all these hankies, so off to Pinterest I go!
Have a great Tuesday!


Melissa said...

I LOVE hankies and always buy them when I see them. I use them for crafting. Lots of hankies like that are hard to get around here for good money. If you don't want yours I'd be willing to buy them from you :)

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

I believe that is the prettiest stack of hankies I have ever seen! You did good!
Have a great week!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Linda, you are too funny, something else you don't collect, ha ha. I can't resist vintage hankies either and my arm would have gone up like a shot! They remind me of little tiny tablecloths, lol.

I use them in tablescapes, to tuck in greeting cards, and thinkmI'm going to craft a banner with some.

Are you done yet? Or is there more stuff??? :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Those are all so pretty!! So lucky to have got that many in that sweet hat box too! You could sew some together and make a pretty scarf!?! :) I've been trying to collect some to make a few scarves myself! I would have been waving my arm in the air to get these! Happy sweet day! xo Holly

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love hankies and have a small collection of them. My favs are the children's hankies. Did you find any of those? Sometimes people sew hankies on bags or pillows. Lots of fun ideas on Pinterest! Hugs!

vintage grey said...

I love collecting hankies and use them around the house as doilies, and such. Love your beautiful new collection! Have fun! xo Heather

Createology said...

What a treasure trove of vintage hankies. You are very fortunate you got carried away and raised your hand. Creative Hankie Bliss...

Musings from Kim K. said...

My mother made a curtain valance with a collection of hankies. They are pressed and then folded over a curtain rod. Pretty simple but it looks charming. Have fun creating with those pretty hankies.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Hankies are one of the things I used to collect. I displayed them on a spoon rack. Some of yours are beautiful. I hope you find a way to use them.