Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More stuff that I do not collect- Auction Haul

Good Wednesday morning!  I know y'all think the stuff I bought at this auction is unending, and when I was going though it and washing everything, it sure felt like it!

Today's installment is figurines, teapots and creamers and cast iron.  You know, because they are so similar (where is that eye roll emoticon when you need it)
Lets start with cast iron.  Here we have Martha and George Washington and some mini frying pans.  I am keeping the pan that has the state of Virginia on it and selling the rest.

And this is why I own the above.  I had to have this little cast iron stove!  Isn't it adorable.
I also wanted this.  It says Wild Cat Juice.  My family comes from the moonshine capital of the world and I thought this was just hilarious.  Look at those little cups!
I also got 6 pitchers.  I really wanted the Humpty Dumpty and the Toby.

But this little guy is my favorite!
5 sets of creamers and sugar just because I wanted the black set.  The rest I am selling.

These are black amethyst.  They are really purple when you hold them up to the light.  I have a vase and a bowl that matches these.
All of these were in the box as well.  I'm not keeping any of them.
These were all in a box of figurines that I bought.  They look like Hummel's but they aren't, but some are marked 1959 and some 1956.
This is the reason I bought the box.  The little girls sewing.  The rest are being sold.
This was in the box too.  It's some sort of wall hanging with two dogs chained to a doghouse.  They look sad.
This stuff was in the box as well.  I am keeping the gold shoes and the glass sleigh.  The rest is for sale.  I think the Pharaoh perfume bottle in the back is hilarious.  Why a Pharaoh?
I still have much more....


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm completely smitten with that teeny tiny cast iron stove. This seriously is the auction that just keeps on GIVING and GIVING! Good for you!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I'm amazed there was anything left for anyone else to buy. :)

I love the little pitchers. In particular there is one with a high swirled handle, what is that? It's in the back.

I'm sure your black glass is Hazel Atlas ovide, they call it black with sterling. I'm going to email you a picture. Beautiful! Oh that little orange guy is great.

Keep 'em coming Linda, for those of us who don't have auctions like that.

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a haul! Good news is maybe you will make some money with what you sell and the things you keep will be free. The orange and the little stove is the cutest.


Margaret said...

The amazing auction! OMG I have neverseen such a haul! Love that stove and the pitchers and so much more but the dog house plaque is kinda the moonshine item! Maggie

mapster68 said...

LBP, I love this stuff - especially that stove! That is soooo cool!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How fun to get such a variety of neat things...things you don't collect! haha! It's funny we did the same posts! I DO love those creamers and sugar bowls. Love the little bunny pitcher! Have a good week my friend! Hugs!