Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Farm

Good Thursday Morning!  It is bright and sunny today in SW Virginia after several days of rain, which my garden loved! 

I don't know what it is about Spring that makes me so nostalgic for my Grandparents farm.  I loved being there all the time but especially in the Spring.  Grandma and Grandpa would be tilling the soil for their garden, preparing the flower beds, baby chicks were being born, and the fruit trees would be blooming.  What's not to love about that?
I'm pretty sure I have shared this photo before but it is my favorite picture of the farm.  The back of the house was the original house and was made of log.  It was built in the late 1700's.  The front part of the house was built on in the early 1900's.  When you went up into the attic you could see the original logs.
This is what my Grandma cooked on!  How I wish I could find this old stove.  There was a rocking chair that sat just to the side of it that was the prime sitting spot in the kitchen.
Is this not one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?  Rows upon rows of Grandma's canned foods, all grown from her garden.  The basement was dirt and I love the earthy smell down there.
I was not too fond of the chickens.  It was my job to go get the eggs and because I refused to wear shoes, the chickens would peck at my toes!  I was always kicking at the chickens the whole time I was trying to gather the eggs.
Here is Grandma and Grandaddy working their garden!
This photo was made in the 1970's.  Check out his "mod" shirt!
I miss them and the farm soooo much.  I wish Yngwie could have experienced his childhood there too, but my Grandfather passed away 5 months before he was born.  I know my Granddad would have loved Yngwie and I can just imagine how much fun they would have had fishing together.  Granddaddy was looking so forward to my baby being born and it has devastating to me when he died suddenly from a massive heart attack.  I still miss him like crazy.  Grandma passed away 5 years ago and I still sometimes think of picking up the phone to call her and tell her about my roses blooming or tell her about a new recipe.  I was so fortunate to have them for Grandparents!  I know one day I will see them again!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandparents. Such special pictures and memories. My girls never knew their grandparents either. I've often thought about how much my grandparents would have enjoyed our international adoption and all the changes it brought to our family. Thank you for sharing such a special post.

NanaDiana said...

OH- Your childhood was a lot like my own. I loved these sweet memories of your grandparents. What a blessing in your life and I am sure you blessed them, too- xo Diana

vivian said...

loved see the pics of your grandparents and their farm. Its great that you have such special memories of your childhood with them. LOVE the old stove.. wouldnt it be fun to have one?
Have a great weekend!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Aw! And if I remember right, the farm wasn't far from where I was in virginia and... did their linoleum floor blow up like mine? ♥

Jann Olson said...

I love this post Linda! I always wished I had grown up on a farm. All of my grandparents had passed by the time I was a year old. My father died when I was only 9 months old life changed drastically for my mom. I was the youngest of 8 kids. Still, I had a wonderful childhood and grew up happy. Love the photos of the farm and your loving memories!