Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Autumn Aromas from A to Z

I found this in a 1983 Ideals book. This is by Carole Joyce Davis.

Apples...steaming, savory, spicy in a deep dish pie
Bonfires...burning leaves, smoke wisps in the sky

Clover...perfumed red heads, bees' nectar harvest
Doughnuts... sugared and warm, best with cider just pressed

Earth...arid autumn powder, stirred by the merest whisper
Frost...nose tingly invader, white landscape, crisp air

Grapes...scented purple cluster for good eating
Hay...sweet summer bales, animals' winter clothing
Indian summer...aromatic balminess, a season in between berried bush, pungent and keen cedar smell

Kerosene...oily whiffs, lantern shadows blend in disappearing light confections goblins like at Halloween

Marigolds...golden-flowered garden beauties
Nuts...harvested from wooden shell, roasting hickory and hazel

Orchards...fruity apple fragrance, laden trees
Pine...blazing logs suggest a forest-scented breeze

Quince...strong astringent scent, yellow fruit shaped like a pear
Rain...dampened hillsides and paement, laundered summer air logs, corded winter heat
Turnips...robust root, often defies Jack Frost

Umbrella... trusty rain roof, ready for splashy days
Vegetables...earthy essemce of abundant crops

Wheat..."amber waves of grain", mean fresh baked loaves of bread
X...autumal equinox, frosty tang in days ahead candied, syrupy slices in brown sugar dress
Zest...autumns spice, sachet of harvest bounty

Isn't that a perfect poem for Autumn ? Makes me feel warm and cozy just reading it!
The photos are of my Grandmother during a hike on their farm. I think they are just beautiful!

I love the Ideals books and buy them everytime I see them at yard sales or estate sales. I especially love the ones from the 1950's because they have such beautiful photos.

Have a blessed day everyone.


Susie said...

I love this autumn poem! I have a large box of the Ideals magazines that belonged to Grandma. Most are 1950's vintage. The illustrations and verses are wonderful..
Great pictures of your Grandma!

Jess said...

I really liked this!

Arlene Grimm said...

I think the Ideals magazine takes us back to a kinder, gentler time!

A Hint of Home said...

The life on the farm was hard work but it looks so peaceful and serene looking. Loved the poem and your show & tell last week.
Thanks for visiting me.

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great poem and I'm so ready for fall.


Linda said...

That is wonderful!! LOVE IT!!

Love all the photo's too. Great post !