Monday, September 08, 2008

The Fruit Cupboard

Here summer lies, imprisoned in a jar,
And autumn stands beside it in a glass.
Crab-apple jelly and pear pickles are
the fruits of autumn while strawberries class
as summer sweetness drained ere roses pass.

There is such beauty on these shelves of mine,
the scarlett chili sauce, the pretty green
of piccalilli, and beet relish fine
in brighter red with pale pears set between;
and jars of jam lend contrast to the scene.
The bees store honey from the sunny bowers;
the ants prepare for snow in summers heat.
My cupboard is a record of long hours
but now behind glass doors the seasons mett,
and all my toil, inspired by love is sweet

by: Anne Campbell (from an 1980's Ideal Autumn book)

My garden is now gone, except for a few banana peppers and a very few small tomatoes. I have sowed some turnip, kale, and mustard greens for the fall. Everything that could be preserved, has been. In the winter when I open one of my jars of fruits or vegetables that I canned, I am reminded of summer. I am ready for fall! Tomorrow I will share a wonderful fall cookie recipe. Soft Molasses Cookies.


Jeanne said...

Linda, I can't use the email you just sent me it wouldn't accept it for delivery. I am giving up on the email and giving you my phone Number here.
828-369-2590. Please call anytime.
I am so sorry about this but I tried three times to send you info. It happened with my sister-in-law and she had some kind of block that would not let my email get through. She finally stopped the block and now I can email her.

Waiting to hear from you, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Linda, I'm back. I am so concerned about us making contact, I didn't read your post. I just read the poem and loved it. My mom canned food all summer for the winter. I love those memories. Here in the mountains I make lots of fruit jams ans sauces. We put some tomatoes in some pots and they have been so good. The fruit all comes from my sister a mile away. She has pear, peach, plum and cherry trees. Also blueberries. We have loads of wild blackberries an black raspberries.

Love your post and beautiful pics of your canned goods.

Please call me. Jeanne

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love that poem and your gorgeous canned goods. Mom always put up canned goods. I don't know why I never learned. Guess because I never had a garden and now that I have plenty of land for a garden I don't because the deer eat everything up. I was out treasure hunting today and saw some of those Ideal magazines. Should have picked them up. The pictures are so pretty. ~ Lynn ~ Summer in a jar....I like that. :)

Kelli said...

What a wonderful poem and your jars look so pretty lined up! I'm looking forward to the cookie recipe.

Arlene Grimm said...

Just beautiful Linda!! You are quite the homemaker.

Libby said...

What a great poem! I just love seeing those jars all lined up. I'm planning some winter plantings, too. First thing next week, the sowing begins.