Monday, September 15, 2008

The White Gate Farm

I have been sorting through my Grandmothers photos and scanning them so that they can be shared with all our family members. There are so many great memories that come back as I peruse these photos. I can still remember the smell of the woodsmoke in the air and the feel of the cool wind when we walked through the fields. Grandpa and Grandma raised corn for their livestock. Tons of it. Not only that, Grandma also raised Indian corn that she would sell at the Lords Acre sale that their church participated in, in the fall.
Grandpa was a guard at the State Prison that bordered their farm, but he was also a farmer and raised cows and chickens. There was always a horse or two, just for riding too.
These photos were dated 1968. That is my little sister and I raking leaves, which we probably just jumped in after the fact! I feel so blessed to have had such wonderful grandparents in my life. There was so much love at there home.




Jeanne said...

Linda, I guess you were one of the lucky ones to have grandparents to love you as you were growing up. We moved away from my grandparents when I was nine. I missed them and only saw them once a year if I was lucky.
They too were farmers and it is a life so different than living in the city. You and your sister look so cute raking leaves.


Jeanne said...

Linda, I forgot to mention how really lucky you were to find those books for a dollar. I paid a fortune for them. I am getting my swap ready to mail this week. I need a box that is the right size. Smile.

Hugs again, Jeanne

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a nice stroll down Memory Lane. It's great that you are scanning the photos to share with your family. Your grandparents look like hardworking people...the salt of the earth.

Libby said...

Ahhhh . . . the smell of smoke. I remember when my Grandma had a burn barrel for leaves. Certain days were designated 'burn days' in her town and the aroma just wafted over you on a crisp day. You just knew a bowl of hot soup was going to be waiting for you at lunch time *s*

Linda said...

What a blessing to have those photo's and memories of the farm life. It gave me the arm fuzzies reading your post.

Arlene Grimm said...

Lovely pictures and memories Linda.

Mam said...

Hi Linda, I've made a quick trip to the library to get online. We've been without power for about 3 days now, and no clue when we'll be back on. We are doing fine, though. Plenty of hot water and the weather is good - not too hot, not too cool. Can you let my Seasonal Delights friends know? Thanks, sweety.

Kelli said...

You are blessed to have such wonderful memories of your grandparents, Linda. The pictures are very special.

Jeanne said...

Linda, In case my email didn't get to you, I opened the swap and had the most delightful time opening the most wonderful gifts ever. I am so impressed with your beautiful and clever hand made things. Not to mention all of the other treasures. Thank you for your most thoughtful Halloween swap.

Let me know if you rec'd my email. Yours will be sent by ups tomorrow. It is all ready to go. My cousin is visiting and she loved helping me get it all wrapped and packed.