Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Show and Tell!

TGIF! Kelli over at is hosting Show and Tell each Friday.

Today I would like show you some of my favorite ornaments. This seems to be the theme of todays show and tell! I absolutely love Christmas ornaments and love to see trees that are decorated with a variety of ornaments.
This little ornament is one that I had when I was a little girl. I guess it would be considered an antique now!
I started collecting the vintage Barbie ornaments from Hallmark many years ago.
I especially love handmade ornaments. I made two of these sweet kitties last year, one for my friend and one for me.
Some ornaments are just priceless. Like this one Yngwie made with popsicle sticks in Kindergarten.
I made this one for Dear Husband the year that he got his 1966 Corvette.
I made this shadowbox ornament this year. I was going to make some for gifts but couldn't find any more very tiny dishes.

This is quite possibly my very favorite ornament. When Yngwie was two years old he hung his "binkie" on the tree. He would go in every now and then and stick it in his mouth for a few minutes. Then he would hang it back on the tree. Now it goes on every year. ( at age 17 now, he no longer needs it! LOL)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend



Jenna said...

Aww what a sweet story about the binky, I love it. I also love your vintage barbie!

Darla said...

Great memories on your tree, you know the binkie takes the cake!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What beautiful memories you have of the ornaments! Thanks for sharing.

glorv1 said...

Oh that is so cute. What wonderful memories on that tree. Thx for sharing.

ceekay said...

Oh, I love the binky story. Absolutely precious!

Linda C said...

I love your ornaments and especially the binky story--how precious!!

I scrolled down and enjoyed your vintage cards also:) I have some that I hope to share if we can get our scanner hooked up.

Thanks for sharing!
Linda C

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That shadowbox ornament is such a cute idea! Also loved the vintage Barbie but the binky is the cutest!


Julieann said...

Oh, they are all just perfect!!! Love the shadow box.


Becki said...

I LOVE that your ornaments have obvious memories attached to them. Sweet keepers!

Grammy said...

All wonderful treasures. What great ideals.

Royaltouch said...

Sweet story about the binky, they grow up to fast don't they?!
I am going to my son's engagement party tomorrow, 23. Yikes
Thanks for sharing your memories, Linda Q

PEA said...

I so love Christmas ornaments as well, especially the older ones and the ones with so many memories behind them:-) Love the one you had as a little girl!! What a delightful story with the pacifier, that is too cute for words:-) xoxo

A Hint of Home said...

Love the ornaments that mean so much to you.

Kelli said...

Oh, I love the binkie sweet is that?!!

nancy said...

I remember the binkie from last year. Gee we've been friends for over a year now! I like that!
I made the "ice candles" too, probably for Campfire girls. they really WERE pretty, but they didn't burn very well. Every once in a while your wick would hit a pocket of water that had been trapped inside. Rememeber that?

Lady Katherine said...

Love the passie on the tree.

Mountain Mama said...

What a wonderful tree!! I love the Binkie ornament. It gave me an idea. I have some of my children's things packed away. A rattle and a hairbrush and I'm not sure what else. I'm going to dig them out and use them for ornaments.
I have some old ones too even some glass ones that were on my tree when I was a girl. They are very special to me and bring back some incredible memories!
Thanks for the great idea.
Have a wonderful Christmas.