Monday, January 19, 2009


Here in Virginia we must hold the record for breaking records! This Saturday when I got up it was zero outside!!! It was so cold that when I went out you could see ice crystals forming from my breath. My aunt called and said it was -3 at her house. Typically we are around 32-34 this time of year.

But this morning when I got up the thermometer said 30. So I was thinking..YAY! Heatwave! That elation only lasted until I got in my car to come to work. Usually it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work. This morning it took an hour and 30 minutes. The roads were solid ICE! There was a light dusting of snow on the road and I thought it was just snow, but no! Ice underneath. They had closed off the main road so I turned down a side road which was very slick, but had very little traffic and I had 4 wheel drive and made it ok. My girlfriend called and said she was about 15 cars behind me. By the time she turned off on the side road someone had wrecked on that road and they closed it too and told everyone to go home until ice melts.

But here I am, fine and dandy at work, thank God!
I thought I would show you the cutest apron that I found at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.
Lets Twist! Is that not the cutest apron ever! Only $2.00!
I have been working on my "happy" shelves for Valentines day, but they're not ready yet!
Hope everyone has a great day!


glorv1 said...

Linda I love that apron. I'm trying to learn to sew aprons. I have the material and the patterns but haven't started yet. Thx for sharing and glad you got to work safely.

Jess said...

You know..I didn't even own an apron til Christmas when my mom brought me one...this was cute!

Have a great week
Love, Jess

Libby said...

Oh my - wish I could send some of our warm weather your way. Hope you make it home safely at the end of the day *s*

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you made it to work safely!! Loved the apron..too cute.

Linda C said...

Hi Linda,

I love your apron! wow- sorry to hear about your "slide" into work--ice is so scary to drive on- the worst.

I tagged you for a picture tag. Come by my blog and see:)

Linda C

Holly said...

Hi, Linda!

It was -6 here in Pearisburg! Whew! My husband had to drive home from night shift on that ice! He was late and I was praying! Hopefully we'll have an early Spring, huh?!

PEA said...

I do hope your temperatures have gone back to normal! We also went through a deep freeze and although it's still very cold, it's nothing like it was last week.

I just love that apron, never seen one like that before! Hope your week is going well:-) xoxo

Sharon said...

It has been so cold here too! I love that darling apron, it is so cute!

:0) Sharon