Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Little Dolls

Last Friday I went to an estate sale that was close to where I work, during my lunch. The house was full of the most beautiful things, but WOW were the prices high.
But as always, I was able to find a few things in my price range that I couldn't live without!How cute are these??? Teeny, tiny little dolls in a teeny, tiny high chair and strollers! The dolls themselves are about an inch long. They are now sitting on a shelf in my sewing room to make be happy when I look at them.

And with the dolls was this: It has a picture of Natural Bridge (an attraction in our area) and says Seat of the Nation. I about died laughing when I saw that in the bag with the dolls. The lid even opens.

You never know what you will find!

Hope everyone has a great day!



Arlene Grimm said...

I remember those little dolls from when I was a little girl....I have not seen or thought about them in yrs Linda. Thanks for sharing.

nancy said...

Hi Linda. I think I recognize some of those tiny dollies and things. I can just imagine how they feel in my hand. I think I had some of those for my very first doll house when I was very little. Thanks for the memories.

Jess said...

wow...what a find...

Have a good day
Love, Jess

Libby said...

I think I have a few of those little dolls . . . . they were part of the centerpiece at the baby shower for The Princess *s*

Barbara said...

I love those little dolls, reminds me of ones I had as a young child. I wonder if they are originals or modern copies for dolls houses.

I remember staying with a friend at her home in Roanoake and have a lasting impression of her pure white carpets throughout the house. Needless to say her children had all grown and gone.

PEA said...

Awwwww, look at those delightful tiny dolls! How adorable! And that toilet just cracked me up...I want a pink toilet now! lol xoxo

Holly said...

What a hilarious toliet! Ha-ha! Ya just never know what you'll find!

nancygrayce said...

I had completely forgotten about those little dolls! I had them as a child, but not all the accessories!