Monday, January 05, 2009

Spring Fever in the Dead of Winter

It happens to me every January. The seeds catalogs start arriving in my mailbox and I start dreaming about those beautiful, abundant weed free gardens that I will have come spring. (Remember dreams are different from realities!) This is a few that I have gotten so far and I have already ordered seeds from Baker Creek. This is a new seed company to me but they have been in business for some time. They specialize in heirloom seeds. Their catalog is just beautiful and filled with the most unusual vegetables.
I had to have this blue pumpkin/squash. Isn't it the cutest thing? I also needed these:

Unfortunately we have 3 more months of winter weather here. But Mother Nature keeps teasing me with days like yesterday when it was in the 60's! So I walked out to the vegetable garden which looks like this:
and the rose garden that looks like this:
But next month is a good time to put in fruit trees and we have decided to plant 2 more cherries, 2 apples and 2 plums. So I spent some time marking out where I wanted to put them.
So, how is your gardening dreaming coming along this winter?


glorv1 said...

I just had to giggle when I seen your rose garden and the other garden area. Look at it this way, come spring, everything will be looking up. Have a great week and I can hardly wait for our garden too.

Holly said...

My first seed catolog arrived the day after christmas! It cheered me up!

Linda said...

It could be worse... it will be 5 months before we can plant. I stopped getting the catalogs because our growing season is so short, I always found things I couldn't have! I want the blue pumpkins too!

nancy said...

We just got our first catalog! I'll have my own yard to garden in this year (yay!!) so I'm pretty excited, too!
You still haven't gotten your ADDRESS to me, girlie!

Arlene Grimm said...

Actually..some forsythia here is blooming as we have had unseasonably warm weather will probably be killed by the cold eventually. Had to comment on the curtains in your mom had some like that too. Fun to see them again.