Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deal of the Day or Trust your Intuition!

This past week I made a Easter rabbit from one of my favorite magazines called Create and Decorate. (I will share her tomorrow for Show and Tell). If you like to do crafts, check this magazine out. It's a little hard to find. I got my first one at Barnes & Noble then subscribed to it. Anyway, I love how the rabbit turned out, but thought I would like it even better if I had made it out of linen fabric. So, at lunch today I thought I would run over to the local fabric store and get some. As I was leaving a little voice in my head said "go to the Rescue Mission thrift store". (Yes, I'm hearing voices, so what!). So I turn toward the thrift store instead. When I get there I see they have set up an entire area with fabric. Guess what I got? 3 yards of cream colored linen for $1.00 and 2 yards of oatmeal colored linen for $1.00! Of course, I had to buy about 7 more pieces of fabric as well. It was all priced between .50 and 1.50.

Then as I was walking down the aisle I looked over in the toy bin and couldn't believe what I saw! Three Barbies from the 1970's! The photo above is not the ones I bought but the ones I bought are just like them. There were probably 20 Barbies in the bin and I asked the clerk how much they were and she said .25 each. I took them all! Plus 2 big bags of Barbie clothes for $1.00 per bag. I will keep the 3 old Barbies and give the others and the clothes to Yngwie's friends sister. She loves Barbies.
I love a good deal! The girls at work call me the "Thrift Store Queen" I wear that title proudly!


Lovella said...

Oh goodness, you scored an awesome deal. I never was allowed Barbies when I was little. . .they were too grown up my mom thought. I was allowed the Skipper. REmember her?

MammyT said...

That little voice has been very busy. My thrift store was closed today and the little voice keeps echoing "tomorrow...tomorrow..."
What a blessing. You go, girl!
Look at my Easter photo on my site when you get a chance. I hope a lot of people will share theirs too. I think it's lots of fun. Do you have more? I'm going to see if my sister does.

Judy said...

I think I still have my Barbies. My first one was Skipper.

LBP said...

I do remember Skipper! I still have mine along with her friend Scooter.

Nancy, I do have a couple more Easter Photos I will share before Easter. Aren't they fun???


Mountain Mama said...

Thrift store bargains are always fun and like you I usually find what I'm looking fo at a great price.
Old Barbies are pretty valuable I think. I have several and made a lot of clothes for them including fancy evening gowns. My granddaughter's loved to play with them and now my great granddaughters play with them too. My second daughter still has the Barbie, Midge and another of that type doll that she and her sisters gor way back in the sixties.
Now you've made me want to go to a thrift store and have some fun too!!

Hummingbird Chats said...

Hello...yes we are neighbors..thnak you for coming by my blog..I love your blog..the Easter pots and cups are so grand babies now have all my Barbies and getting more everyday..Katie

Christy said...

Great deals!

Hope you're keeping warm. :)