Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter "Baskets" (kinda)

Good Morning everyone.
Seems as if I have been neglecting my blog lately, but I have been busy crafting and cooking, and cleaning out flower beds, getting ready for SPRING!

The ladies in my family are big coffee drinkers. The minute one us walk into each others house, we will put the coffee pot on. So, this year I made cup and saucer Easter "baskets"

I found the cups and saucers at the thrift store for 50 cent. I filled them with Easter grass, then added some silk flowers, and egg pick, and a votive candle. Then I filled the saucer with jelly beans and wrapped them up! They look so cheery sitting in ymy craft room. I will get to enjoy them until Easter day.
Then I got busy on the "baskets" for the girls at work. Again, the thrift store had just what I wanted. I bought the stuffed bunnies for .50 each. The I found the flower pots at the dollar store. Walmart already has tons of Easter candy out and I found these Russell Stover Chocolate bunnies in beautiful pastel colors. I added some pencils, some bunny purse size tissues, and an Easter egg with some jelly jeans in them. I haven't wrapped them yet because I want to get a little more candy to fill in the empty spaces.
The front flower beds and the flower beds around the pond are now leaf free and are ready to greet the warmer days of Spring. I cleaned a little around the pool garden, but there is so much left to do. I haven't even begun to clean out the vegetable garden. They are the main order of business this week if the weather cooperates. I am also going to turn my herb garden into a Peter Rabbit garden this year. Be on the look-out for further posts about that garden. My head is spinning with all the ideas I have for this garden. Hurry Spring!


MammyT said...

Linda, You have been so industrious. I love the Easter crafts. The cup and saucer is my favorite. We are coffee drinkers too. This is really cute.
I'm excited about your garden, too. I may not do much this year, because we will be moving house. But I can enjoy yours with you! Peter Rabbit sound so fun. Enjoy, sweet lady!

Janice said...

You are so very creative! I love how you used cups and saucers for Easter baskets...they are adorable! You continue to inspire me! :o)

Judy said...

Wow Linda, you are so creative. My daughter thinks of things like that too, but not I.
I definitely will be on the look out for the garden.

Mrs.T said...

So cute and festive... I love both ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

Christy said...

Wonderful Easter "baskets"! Very creative. :)

Kim said...

Your are the original energizer bunny! Love the fun things you are doing and actually wish I could be outside raking leaves out of my gardens right now, too. Have fun!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful and creative idea. I used to be creative but became lazy.

Kelli said...

Linda, those are the sweetest little pots and tea cup baskets! I can't wait to make some too, thank you for sharing all of the lovely ideas!

Bovey Belle said...

Those are absolutely wonderful. Over here, folks are boring and just gie eggs, but those are such wonderful thoughtful gifts and I hope that they will be appreciated.

Back Through Time said...

WOW all your Easter goodies look wonderful! You have been busy!

Myrna said...

Your "baskets" are adorable! Love them! I will be looking forward to the garden plans.

Anita said...

Wow Linda, it seems as if you have been really busy! Your new garden project sound so interesting! Good luck!

Congratulations! I am glad to learn that you found my favourite TILDA book and that you even got a second one written by Tone Finnanger! That spring book is full of cute bunnies, isn't it?
There is a French TILDA addicts blog with full of inspiration, have a look here:

Happy sewing, crafting and gardening!

XoX, Anita