Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Easter Dress #2

As I mentioned, I am showing some of the wonderful handmade dresses that my Aunt Doris in California would make for me for Easter.

Green must have been her favorite color as several of the dress she made was the color.

This photo is from 1971 and I am 10 years old. My sister and I have matching mint green dotted swiss dresses. My mom is in the middle with the blue and white checked coat that she made. The only time she ever wore this coat was to church. Never anywhere else.

Check out that console TV in the background along with the gold drapes! I remember when we got that tv it was around 1967-1968. It was our first color TV and it came on Saturday morning when the cartoons were on. I was totally mesmerized! I had never seen a color TV before. I also see a seashell vase that my uncle brought us back from the exotic and ever so far away state of Florida!

I love to look at the objects in the background of photos. My scrapbooking buddies are always trying to get me to "crop out" objects in the background of my photos, but I usually won't. I want Yngwie to look at the photos when he is middle aged and laugh about our decor!


Janice said...

Great photo and I loved hearing all the details about the dresses, jacket and background treasures bringing so many memories to you! I completely forgot about dotted swiss fabric! :o) Thanks so much for sharing!

Libby said...

Oh boy - that pic is really a blast from the past *s* Love that 'rocket' bottle thing on the tv, too. I think it was required for every home to have one on display at that time *S*
Check out Charles Phoenix' site www.godblessamericana.com He features slides from the 40'50' and 60's weekly. *yum*

Mountain Mama said...

What a wonderful picture!! I love your dresses too. I used to make a lot of my girls clothes. It was fun for me and I think they liked it too. Dressing them up for the holidays was sort of like playing with dolls.
I love looking at the backgrrounds of my old photos also. Many times I see things I had forgotten. It is nice to bring them back to mind again.
Have a great day dear,

Mountain Mama said...

I just discovered that I hadn't added you to my links yet, so I did it. I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the styles. I was 10 in 1971 too. I wouldn't crop any of it out either.

PEA said...

Such a fabulous picture and how wonderful that your aunt use to make your dresses! Like you, I always love looking at the background in pictures, especially older pictures like that, and seeing the vintage furniture and such:-) I remember when we got our first colour tv also...mom had a hard time making us stop watching tv for days on end! lol Just love those Easter cups you made in your previous post, gorgeous!! xox

Lovella said...

Oh I do love your Easter dresses picture. I so agree with you about not cropping out all the fun. That is exactly what I love to see in my pictures.