Monday, February 18, 2008

Old Photos

This weekend I was going through some old picture and came across this one. This is dated January 1967. I would have been 6 years old. This picture just shouts 1960's! Check out the gray formica table with the white and gray vinyl chairs. How about that Coppertone refrigerator? The red, white and black tea kettle and pots cafe curtains were just lovely! I do believe that is a TV dinner I was eating, way before microwaves you put these frozen delights in the oven and 30 minutes later, you were dining in style! I also notice the depression glass milk glass, though at that time we wouldn't have known it was valuable. There are also some brown melmac coffee cups on the table, Mom must have had someone over for coffee.

In the lower right corner, I spot the "vaporizer". Just looking at it brings back the smell of the Vicks salve that you put in it.

This looks like a typical day in my life in 1967. I have no idea why my mom or dad would have taken this photo, but I'm glad they did. Just a photo of every day life. A very simple, uncomplicated life. Something I yearn for as an adult. Confucius said "Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated". How true!




Kim said...

We are the same gram had all of these treasures in her kitchen, except tv dinners, we didn't have that 'luxury', lol, gram and mom cooked everything. Thanks for sharing this fun reminder of "our" childhood years.

Libby said...

TV Dinners! Nothing like the convenience of waiting 40+ minutes for that frozen concoction to heat all the way through *s* I did love that the food didn't touch, making it easy for me to eat one thing at a time.
I still have Mom's vaporizor out in the garage - while I wouldn't dream of turning it on, I can't bear to part with it.
There's just nothing like being a kid from the 60's *s*

Persuaded said...

wow... what a cool post! like you said, just a slice of life in the sixties:-)

how i remember tv dinners (and what a "treat" they were!lol) and we had a vaporizer too!

MammyT said...

Yep. That looks like a Banquet Chicken wing to me! Those brown cups! I think the dishes had an Autumn leaf pattern where one of the leaves was that color. The rest were ochre and orange and all those fun colors. Do you remember? What a fun photo! We all ought to look for some of these to share!

Andrea said...

I do not have many childhood pictures of me. I wish I did. You are blessed even though the house was decorated in the 60's, it was still decorated with love.

PEA said...

Hey we had the same coppertone fridge!! lol Don't you just love those old pictures and isn't it funny how we just now notice all the wonderful dishes, curtains, etc, from those years!! It's only as I'm getting older that I notice these things in old pictures now! lol I sure do remember the tv dinners having to be put in the oven...and the vaporizer with the vicks in it! Such wonderful memories. xox

Kelli said...

You were such a cutie, Linda! I love those everyday photos too.

Colleen E formerly of South Africa said...

Loved your picture of your "old days". I used to think it such a treat to have a tv dinner! Colleen adjusting from South Africa