Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Morning!

If any of you have never been to visit Seasonal Delights Quarterly than you don't know what you have been missing. Kelli and Phillip have a lovely website filled with recipes, crafts, poems, etc. They also include bonus recipes or crafts in between issues. Which is where I found the directions for these beautiful Valentine fans.These were so much fun to make. The most time consuming part is cutting out all the fan "blades", but after that it's pure fun decorating them. I am giving these fans, along with a small box of candy, to the girls at my office. One is also going to my Grandmother and another to my sister.

This one is my favorite! Mostly because it's purple but I also love the beaded fob at the bottom.

It's been very windy and cold here this week-end and the downed electrical wires have caused some fires in surrounding counties. Please pray that these are contained quickly and without harming anyone.

Have a great day!



Bovey Belle said...

Those Valentine Fans are SO pretty and haven't you been busy, making so many. If only my girls were home, I think we would set to and make a few ourselves. Somehow I don't think Danny will be persuaded! Jennie

P.S. (I love the purple one best too.)

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh! Linda, you have put my fans to shame..hehee! Yours are gorgeous, I love the purple one...and the red rose one...and the pink gingham one...oh, I love them all!! LOL You are going to have some very happy friends this Valentine's Day. :0)

MammyT said...

those are beautiful, Linda. I like the lilac one best. But they are gorgeous. Your friends will really like them.

Vicki Pink Pearl Girl said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for visiting my blog a few weeks ago. Your valentine fans are beautiful. Hope everything gets okay with the fires down your way. Got my electric back this afternoon after being off 24 hours so waiting for this old house to get warmed back up. Happy Valentine's Day neighbor.

Lori said...

Beautiful valentines. I like them all. You are very talented.

Andrea said...

These are adorable. Wish I would have visited earlier than today (Saturday)

Kim said...

I see how delightful Seasons Delights is. Yum! Nice fans. I've never attempted one.