Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easter Dress #1

While going through old photos, I came across several pictures of me at Easter. Easter was a big deal in our house. It meant a new dress, white gloves, patent leather shoes, a pretty corsage and sometimes even a new hat! Several times, my great aunt Doris, who live in California, would make my dress. She would phone my mom and mom would take my measurements while she was on the phone with Aunt Doris. Aunt Doris would then select the fabric, make the dress, and send it across the country to Virginia. It would always fit! I was so excited to see that box in the spring knowing it was a new dress made just for me! The above is a photo taken of her when she was in her teens. She was quite the flapper with that cloche hat!
I remember the dress in this picture so well! It was white satin underneath with a chiffon overlay that was white with green flowers. She also made the green coat to match. My Dad always got all of us a corsage for Easter and this one appears to be a rosebud. Check out that "bun" on top of my head. I almost always wanted a bun when I dressed up! LOL
I have a few more photos of the "made just for me" Easter dresses that I will share during the Easter season, which incidently, is my favorite holiday.


MammyT said...

Oh Linda, that is great. I'll have to start looking for some of these old photos. They are such fun. Easter was a happy time for our family. We always had new clothes, too. Sometimes Mother made them (she was a fine seamstress) and later, when she worked, everything was store bought. The boys always had little suits and sometimes a little hat. The girls always had a new hat! There were 5 of us, eventually. Mother started a second batch of kids when I was nine.

Libby said...

What a blast from the past. I remember the gloves, the itchy tulle slips, and the patent leather shoes that always seemed to be just a tad too big . . . so they would last a little longer *s* Even though I was never a 'dainty' girl, I loved to make clicking noises on the tiled kitchen floor with those shoes. Also to twirl myself dizzy making my dress float out in a swirl *s*

Mountain Mama said...

Your Easter dress is so pretty, and the bun on top of your head is just adorable. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.
I always dressed up my three little girls and my little boy at Easter and other holidays. They loved it and so did I.

Kelli said...

Oh, those are precious photos, Linda! What a good idea to share them with us this spring! Grace always wants her hair in a bun when she dresses up too. :0)

janie said...

I had to run over here to see you when I read your comment on my gardening blog.

I used to have a bumper sticker that said "Whoever dies with the most fabric, wins!", and I always knew I would win.

I sewed all my life, as did my mother, and now my daughter sews for her kiddos. Nothing so satisfying, unless it is a new plant emerging from the soil.

Come visit again!

Janice said...

Both are beautiful photos and the one of you does bring back such memories. Easter, as you said, was such a dress-up occasion: gloves, hats and the works! Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

I wish I had more old pictures. You are blessed. My mother made most of my dresses when I was a little girl. I got my first store bought dress when I was in the 7th grade and I thought we were so rich.

Patty said...

Love the pictures ! Wonder if people still get all dressed up for easter. It was a big deal for my sisters and I. New everything and always lots of pictures taken

Penless Thoughts said...

I remember the days of gloves, new Easter dress, shoes, hat, etc. well for both my age and my daughters!! Neat old photos!