Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pool flowers and a great idea!

I have really been doing alot of work on the flower gardens around our pool. It is a very large area that I had previously only had a few azaelas and small shrubs in. That would be because young kids were running all over the area and would step on any flowers I had planted.
Well this year I decided to make it more of a flower garden as Yngwie and his friends are teens and no longer chase each other all over the place. I was inspired by my neighbors flower garden and purchase several lillies in orange, yellow and a fuschia pink. I also planted some perenial verbana in purple and some dahlias in white. It is really shaping up and I will get a picture of it when everything is in bloom!

I always have a hard time remembering what I planted and use the plastic tags cards to write down the name of the plant. Problem is, it always wears off the plastic and they look so out of place amoung the plants. The metal ones are too costly. When I was watching "Gardening by the Yard" Saturday, Paul James gave a great tip for keeping your plants identified. Choose small flat stones, (and believe me we have a gazillion of them!) use a permanent marker and write the name of the plant on the stone. This looks so much better in the gardens than those white plastic id tags sticking up all over.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!



Jenn4Him said...

I love lilies. Today we weeded around ours. Whew, what a big job. Thank you for visiting and leaving the nice comment. Have a great day. See you Friday for Show and Tell!

The Woman said...

Hi, Linda!

The flowers are gorgeous! I have a brown thumb. I even killed Chia herbs. LOL

Nice blog!

Trella said...


Thanks for the tip about the stones and writing the names of the flower on them. I will certainly do that.


Jungle Mom said...

Hello from Venezuela. O followed you over from my sister's blog, Pam.

Kelli said...

Your flowers are beautiful, I love the lilies! Your plant markers are perfect!

Lori B said...

All of your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
Did I give you my new blog address:

Jodi said...

Oh, such sunny lilies! I love that plant marker idea; I'm going to use that one! :o)