Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My roses are finally blooming! I really like this coral colored one. I can't remember the name of this coral one. I also have one called hot chocolate which is cocoa colored, angel kisses, which is purple, an old fashioned burgundy colored one that I dug up in the woods around an old foundation just up the road from us. (with permission!), a Princess Diana that is pink, and a yellow one that is called Sunsprite.
I really love roses but mine get black spot so bad. I spray and remove diseased foliage but still have a problem with it. Does anyone have any suggestions that works for them to prevent and manage black spot? I will keep plodding along with my rose garden because the end result is so beautiful!
Hope everyone has a great afternoon.


Sharon said...

Very beautiful! I use to have a rose garden and fought the same battle. I also had a problem with voles that liked to eat the roots and killed my poor plants. :-(

I honestly don't know what to tell you to do. I hope you have better luck than me. I only have two rose plants left. One's a climber, Mr Lincoln, (I think)and the other is an oldie that my husband's aunt gave us about 10 years ago.

Lori B said...

Very pretty roses. I love flowers too.
This time of year is so pretty with all the flowers and trees blooming.
You have a wonderful day too.

Jodi said...

Oh - pretty roses. I was reading along hoping you were going to share the secret to a really great rose garden. I struggle with the same problem you and Sharon do. But they are a gorgeous flower, aren't they!