Thursday, May 17, 2007

Take a walk through my garden with me


I love flowers and flower gardening! I love the smell of freshly turned earth. I love the smell of aromatic herbs. I love the warm morning sun on my face. I could work outside all day long and not get bored. My grandmother had huge flower gardens when she lived in the country. She grew every kind of flower you can imagine and they were absolutely beautiful. I loved going out into the garden with her to water, deadhead, or transplant.

My roses have not done so well this year as I have some major black spot going on. I may just have to cut them back and start again. The rose in the photo is a "Hot Cocoa" rose. It is much darker than what the picture shows. When in bud it is almost brown. The tiger lillies are new to my garden this year and have been doing very well. I have the bright "Orange Pixies" and some fuschia colored Asiatic lillies that have not bloomed yet. I also have some very bright yellow ones.

While the cherry tree and pear tree were in bloom, we had a very heavy frost and I feared that it killed off the fruit. And it did some. But a few hardy cherries and pears have made it through and hopefully we will have cherry preserves this spring and pear preserves this fall.
Gardening is a great stress reliever for me. I am always so happy and blissful when I am out in the gardens. I don't even mind weeding. I hope all of you have a "happy" place where the stresses of life melt away when you spend time there.


Trella said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to move and start gardening.
Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

Lori B said...

Very pretty! I love your flower garden.