Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer at Last

The last few days have been unseasonably warm here in SW Virginia and I am loving it!
That pretty flower above is a Verbascum. I saw one at Monticello last year and so I ordered 3 plants from one of the mail order seed companies. Well last year it barely survived partly because dear husband spilled gas on it! But it withstood even that and this year has bloomed! Isn't that the prettiest shade of pink?

We opened the pool a couple of weeks ago and put the solar cover on and this past weekend we got in. BRRR! It was still a little colder than I like but felt so refreshing after working in the garden in the hot sun!
Then yesterday we decided to go out on the boat after work and Yngwie and his friend wanted to go tubing. My first reaction as absolutely not. My mother would never let us get in the lake until Memorial Day. It is still a month away from Memorial Day. But they really wanted to go and dear husband gave in and told them they could.

They turned a little blue but they could have frozen and still said "the waters fine, come on in" Teenagers!



Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Show and Tell

Good Friday Morning!!!!!

It is absolutely gorgeous in SW Virginia today with temps in the 70's and tomorrow and Sunday is supposed to be in the 80's! Almost pool weather!
Kelli over at hosts Show and Tell each Friday. It is so much fun to look at everyones treasures.
I have heard said that if you have 3 of an item, you have a collection. Well, I guess I am officially collecting chicken pitchers! I found this green one last summer at an Estate sale. I though it was so cute!

Then a couple of weeks ago at another Estate sale I found a yellow one!
So at that point I got on E-bay and started looking for them. I found that there is also a blue, pink and solid white one. I really wanted the blue one so I started bidding on it. Unfortunately it went way out of my price range. So that very afternoon I went to a local antique store and I just had a "feeling" I was going to find another chicken pitcher and guess what???? I found the blue one!

All three are living in my "happy" shelves, just waiting on the pink one and the white one! I am now on "the hunt"!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Morning

Are y'all having weird weather? We went from almost 80 degrees this weekend to snow showers and 30 degrees today! It was so nice this weekend that we did this: Crazy! I think this is the earliest we have ever opened the pool. We went ahead and put the solar cover on so that when it ever gets warm again we can build some heat.

I want to show you the wonderful vintage Easter swap that I received from Lisa at She spoiled me absolutely rotten!

Look at those sweet little dimatasse cups in the egg shaped box and yum! bubble gum that I had hidden from Yngwie!
I loved these pretty wooden rabbits and they are being displayed on my dining room table.
This was one of my favorites. A pretty bottle with a vintage Easter label and wire handle. I think I can make these! I love this bottle and it is holding one of my very delicious smelling hyacinths right now.

And look at all the candy, dish towels, candles and decorative eggs! Did I have a teriffic swap partner or what! Thanks so much Lisa!

I also got busy this past weekend with some baking.

This is a Cream Cheese Poppy Seed Pound Cake and it turned out so well! The recipe came from a magazine called "Spring" by Phyllis Hoffman. I love all of her magazines and if you see "Spring" get it, totally worth the money.

These are Deluxe Sugar cookies from a Southern Living cookbook. You really can't tell in the photos but that is glitter gel icing. Y'all know how much I love glitter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Show and Tell

Today's Show and Tell isn't what I had planned on. I had planned on showing you a skirt I made from a vintage 1950's pattern with vintage fabric. However our hurricane like weather isn't condusive to wearing a skirt so it will have to wait.
So, instead I am going to show you some of the cutest cards I have even seen that I bought at an estate sale a while back. All of these cards date from the 1950's. I love the vivid colors of the cards. My favorite in this set is the birthday card in the top left corner, the one with the vanity.
Isn't she just adorable?

I love the soft pastel colors of these cards

A couple of these were very "racy" for now, much less the 1950's!

Also in the package of cards were these little valentines that are so similar to what I had when I was little that I am thinking they are from the late 1960's to early 1970's!
I hope you have enjoyed my latest vintage card craze! I am off to yet another estate sale during my lunch hour today. I can hardly wait!