Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall has arrived at our house!

Well last weekend I decided to take the plunge and pull out my fall decorations. When I got into the attic I found that I had put Halloween in with the fall, so I just pulled them out too. I sure don't want to dig through that hot attic again in a month!

So let me take you on a tour through my house. First off you will come onto my front porch. The table was made from an old school desk. Now on through the door which is decorated with this fall wreath that I got from the thrift store for $3.00! You will want to take off your light jacket here in the foyer where this antique mirror is wearing it's fall decor. The little banner to the right I made from pretty fall colored fabrics. I have never been able to get a very good photo of this mirror. On to the kitchen where it seems everyone wants to hang out. This is the center island in our kitchen. The crock has a picture of our house painted on the front of it. I got it from LL Bean several years ago. This is the wall opposite the island. On each side of the Fiesta plates are pumpkins made from silk flowers. I thought they were so cute! I made the banner on the plate rack. It says BOO.
This little vignette in the corner features my Brambley Hedge luncheon plate, cup and saucer that my Grandmother got me. The little basket on the right is Longaberger.
Let's take our snacks into the dining room, where the jack o lantern that I bought 29 years ago, the first year I was married, is reposing with it's pretty autumn arrangement.

My dining room has way to much furniture in it, but I like it, so I keep it. This is a small table that holds a clock that my husband made. The beaded pumpkin came from a fall swap last year. This picture really doesn't do it justice. It is so pretty. This has been a very versatile piece. We originally bought it as a baby changing table when Yngwie was born. Now it serves as our side board. Don't you just love those white craft pumpkins!
I will share a few more pics in the upcoming weeks, but I will leave you with my craft of the week. This little candy dish was loosely based on one I saw in the Better Homes * Gardens Holiday Magazine. So easy to make and I really liked how it turned out.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Welcome September!

While I have had a wonderful summer, I am so ready for fall! I love what I call "sweatshirt/shorts" weather. Not cold, but nippy enough to need the sweatshirt. Of course here in VA the really nippy, cool weather doesn't arrive until sometime in October, some of the September nights are cool enough to pull a blanket up on your bed.

I got the most wonderful mail yesterday from my Secret Sista, who calls herself Mary Jane Sugarpie.
In my package was the tea that was inserted into that cute little teacup card that says "relax", 3 beautiful fall colored dish cloths, and that adorable bird spreader! I have the best secret sista in the world! So last night I made my self some tea in one of my favorite teacups that I only use for very special occasions.
It is called Bramby Hedge and my grandmother bought me the teacup and saucer and a luncheon size plate many years ago. Then I fixed some cream cheese crackers with my homemade jalapeno pepper jelly, got me one of my vintage "Good Old Days" magazines and flopped down in my lazy boy chair and read. Friends, that is my idea of a perfect ending to the day!
Oh, I almost forgot! I finished my Candy Corn mouse last night! I got the pattern for him out of the newest Better Homes and Gardens Holiday magazine. If you don't have it, run to the book store or grocery store and get it! It is full of the cutest crafts for Halloween through Christmas. I do need to do some touch up on the paint. His candy corn was still a little wet when I took this picture.
And by the way, the beautiful woman in the first photo is my late grandmother. It was taken on her farm in Giles County, VA.
Have a great day!