Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More vintage fun!

Good Grief! I didn't mean to be gone so long but it has been so pretty and with the time change it's light outside until late and I love being outside! So here is the rest of my "great buys from the estate sale last week:

These little fellows are my kinda guys! Reading elves! The bushy squirel was in with some birds and I loved the tiny Snoopy playing cards from Hallmark, 1970's!

I got these little molds and well as some that are shaped like Christmas trees and stars! These are being turned into Easter baskets.

This little girl planter is just adorable!

These have got to be one of my favorite finds! Little wine glasses with stems like the Hummel like people! There were 6 of these, but unfortuanately only five made it home intact. They are very fragile!

Yet another chicken on a nest but for $2.00 how could I turn it down!

A cute retro apron!

I have no idea why I bought a box of birds, but they called (tweeted) my name and so for .50 I took them on home with me!

I found this in the attic and used it to carry my things down to the cashier, she told me I could have it. Such a cute trashcan!

This glassware absolutely thrills me everytime I look at it. The most expensive item of them all was the glass basket. It was $5.00!

Umm, yeah! I said I wasn't buying anymore cookbooks. So I lied. Sue me!

This is perhaps my favorite find! This coffee set is Lefton, it is in perfect condition, though it was quite filthy when I brought it home. The cost for the entire set???? $8.00!

Look at that beautiful shamrock soup tureen that I snagged for $3.00! It will be holding creamed peas and potatoes tonight for supper and we will have cupcakes with the shamrock picks in them. The blue pitcher is handmade pottery. The Santa mugs are different than any that I have ever seen before. There is also a Christmas platter, and vintage birthday candles.

The last thing I bought I will share a little later! I'm still contemplating what I am going to do with them.

Whew!!! I really don't need to go to any more estates sales like this! I am running out of room. So I will probably sell some of this.
Have a great St. Patricks Day!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We interrupt this vintage show and tell to bring you..

DIRT! Yesterday was so pretty that we decided to till the vegetable garden! Finally dry enough. Let me start by saying that my husband does no like to garden. In no way, shape or form so for him to volunteer to till is huge! My son decided to get in on the action too.

I got relegated to walking behind the tiller and picking up rocks. This sent me straight back into time when I was a little girl and always wanted to help in my grandparents garden. Help being the relative word! So Granddaddy would always tell me to follow behind him and pick up any rocks I found and move them to the border of the garden. I guess I should mention he was actually my step grandfather, but he was the only grandaddy I ever knew and treated me like I was his very own. I was able to find lots of arrowheads this way! And from the time I was a small child until he died, he would always call me when he was going to dig potatoes because I loved digging potatoes. He would put the pitchfork in the soft soil and those beautiful potatoes came right up for me to pick up and put in the bucket. It was like finding gold to me. I would be thrilled everytime the pitchfork would go in.

My grandparents grew the best garden ever even if it was on the side of a hill. Grandma canned everything imaginable from that garden. Corn, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, (even though grandaddy didn't like them), lettuce, radishes, onions, and on and on... they grew it all.

Grandaddy was a guard at a prison that bordered their farm, but when he got home he was a farmer. I loved going to their farm so much that I would call and ask them to drive the 2 1/2 hours to our house and pick me up! I would stay there for weeks in the summer. I loved it!
But now I do something that my grandparents never did. I grow my own seedlings. In my laundry room. Which is very, very small.

I replaced my laundry hamper with a growing shelf, my dryer top is covered with plants and the top of my freezer as well. I am hoping that the seedlings will be large enough this weekend to head out to the greenhouse. The next few days will certainly be warm enough.
So tomorrow I will get back to showing off all my vintage finds, hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vintage Finds!

So every Thursday one of the first things I do in the morning is check the paper for area estate sales. There was only one listed that ran from Friday-Sunday and even though it didn't read very good I decided to head over during my lunch on Friday. Boy am I glad I did! The house was full of really nice glassware, clothing, etc.. I bought several things on Friday but I kept thinking about several things that I didn't buy and so by Sunday I had convinced myself to go back. Everything was 1/2 off! I bought so much stuff that I'm kind of ashamed to show it!

So I'm going to show you what I bought over the next few days. First there is the Christmas :A All of these figurines are either Napco, Lefton or Royal Sealy. I especially love the little girl holding the lantern.

Don't they look funny sitting on my Easter table runner!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fun Finds!

Saturday morning was a blustery and cold day so me, my husband and son set out to a town about 40 minutes away for some antiquing! Before we got started we had a most delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrell. I LOVE to eat there, the food is good and I can spend hours wandering around the store.
I got a couple of really cute things at the antique stores.
I had no idea that trolls have houses!! I saw this sitting up on a top shelf and once I had it down and opened I knew it was coming home with me!
Look at that little troll horse! How cute is he! I also bought a baby in a egg with wheels, and a mechanical little red headed doll that you wind up and she walks! So happy with my finds!

So spring is only 18 days away and they are calling for snow today! I am not a happy camper about that! I am so ready for warm weather!

Have a great day!