Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden 2014

Good Tuesday afternoon!  It feels like Monday to me.  Did y'all have a great Memorial Day weekend?  Ours was very laid back and I enjoyed it so much!  Saturday we went into town to watch one of our vintage trains (Roanoke is a train town) leave out of the transportation museum headed to NC to be restored!  It is an old 611 passenger engine and when restored will be having excursions leaving from Roanoke!  How much fun will that be!
Sunday we spent the day out on the lake on the jet-skis and then spent most of the evening in the pool.  I got some gardening in on both days.
Monday I decided to go shopping and the boys went out fishing.  Great long weekend.

My garden is looking good so far this year,  I have had tons of lettuce, spinach, and radishes.  The lettuce and spinach are just about through and I will surely miss them.  I love fresh greens.
Dear Husband and Yngwie hammered in all my tomato stakes this weekend, all I have to do is tie them up when they are ready.
Those onions are about ready too.  I haven't bought any plants this year either vegetable or flowers.  This is the first year that everything was grown in my greenhouse.  Such a satisfying feeling!
Guess what we had for dinner?
Speaking of plants.  My Uncle Jessie, whose funeral I attended Friday, was an avid gardener.  He always said any man who didn't have a garden was lazy.  I don't agree with that, but I love to garden, I think it's a family trait.  About 2 weeks ago I received an envelope in the mail.  Inside was a paper towel with tomato seeds stuck to it and a photograph of a tomato with a measuring tape around it.   It was measuring 20" in diameter.  The back of the photo said "grow these tomato seeds and you will have tomatoes as large as mine".  The envelope was sent to me via my aunt from my Uncle Jessie.  He knew he had lung cancer and was dying and he wanted to pass his tomato seeds to someone he thought would grow them.
My instructions were to plant the entire paper towel.  I did and up they came!
I have about 28 plants from these seeds.  Hopefully these will get big enough in time to bear tomatoes so that I can save the seeds!
Busy time around the LBPsews house this week lots of gardening, sewing and cooking going on.
Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Christmas Decorations in May!

Good Thursday morning!  Today is the last of the auction haul!    I haven't been to an auction in years where I have bought so much stuff!  Today I am bringing you vintage and some not so vintage Christmas decorations.  I bought every box of Christmas there except two and I have regretted that I didn't buy them!
Ok these didn't technically come from the auction.  I bought these at a yard sale on the way to the auction!  There are 3 plates, 3 luncheon plates, and 3 bowls.  These are Fire King.  And a very pretty holly and yellow roses plate.
Look at all these Shiny Brites!

These are my favorite, stripes

You just can't duplicate the patina that the old balls have

I love these balls!
And here's the rest! 
Not too old but cute brass ornaments

I love these calico ornaments from the late 70's early 80's

These are my favorite.  I love glitter!
Cute little stoves, covered wagons, bells, shoes, etc all in calico

These are so neat.  They are cloth and each depicts a fox hunting and Colonial scenes.

More Shiny Brites.  I love the box as much as the balls.

I was so happy when I saw this

There he is, all original in the box!

A very fuzzy photo of some adorable skaters, hockey players, mice, etc..  Those pink and yellow gingerbread people are handmade.

Oh Dear!  So many cute ones!

Love the pine cone snowmen and the felt owls.

Someone was very crafty and made spoolies, a bird feeder from a medicine bottle a bell and a bucket of pink and gold beads.

There is all manner of birds and bird's nests

Some adorable cross stitch ornaments and a NOEL sled thingy.

Some hand crocheted bells.
Lots of little manger scenes.

I love the gold elephant!  There is some wooden nutcrackers and some hand painted cutouts.

These aren't Christmas but were in the box, some really cute fruit.

LOL! Bread dough ornaments and your guess is as good as mine as to who they are supposed to be!

A new in box Mickey Mouse, a little girl bell, candle huggers, drums

And a small box of these little ornaments that are so good for crafting.
I hope I haven't bored you to tears with these auction posts, but this is also my way of keeping up with everything that I bought.  Needless to say I can't wait to start Christmas crafting and use some of these things!
I will be out of the state tomorrow to attend my Uncles funeral.  He was my mother's brother and  although I didn't know him very well, I want to be there to support and see my family.
Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vintage Easter-Auction Haul!

No I'm not through with this auction haul yet!! Though I have finally gone through everything and washed it and I have boxes to go to the Goodwill and some stuff to put on Ebay and some stuff to put in my attic. 

I CAN NOT pass up vintage holiday decorations and I have enough of them to start my own store!  There's just something about the colors that hypnotize me.
Ok this isn't Easter, but it's the only Halloween piece I got.  I remember having one similar when I was little.

Here is all the Easter!  Lots of fun stuff to use for crafting.

Adorable little chick picks

Some dancing bunnies

Look at the face on her.  I got 4 of these.

I don't think the ceramic bunny is very old and the chick and egg vase has 1974 on the bottom and the name Ann.

Cute plate with little girl and bunnies

I think someone made this.  It is Styrofoam and is decorated with fabric and trimmings and has the little bunny inside.

Lots of Styrofoam bunnies and a little decorated egg.  I love the chicks with the top hats!  Peeping through, just barely, is a room deodorizer from Avon with a chick in an egg.  It still smells good.

Several crocheted chicks and bunnies that fit over the plastic eggs.  I love the little white rooster in the front.
Some more colorful chicks and a rabbit is a basket.

Charlie Brown did not come in this egg, I just set him in there.

I think someone made this is ceramics class. It is about 14" tall and  the bottom is a Blue Bonnet margarine top!   I haven't decided what I will put in the there, but I am thinking about altering a Kewpie type doll, that would be cute don't you think?
A pink rocking chicken still in the box.  I don't think he is very old.

These are real eggs that have been blown out and decorated.


And all of it was crammed into this extremely large basket!
Price for everything.... $5.00!!!!!
Tomorrow will be the last of the auction haul with the rest of the vintage Christmas!
Happy Humpday! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hankies- I don't collect these either!

Good Tuesday Morning.  Today should be interesting since I got an entire 2 hours of sleep last night.  I hope the girls in the office will pick me up off the floor when I fall over asleep at my desk.  My head was pounding.  Finally got it to stop this morning around 4:30, my alarm goes off at 5:00 so I decided there was no use in trying to go back to bed.  Lot's of coffee today!

Let's talk about vintage hankies.  I think they are so pretty, but so impractical.  My Aunt Clara and my Grandma used them but I couldn't stand the thought of "snotty" hankies in my purse!  Thank goodness for Kleenex!  But, they are very pretty and I guess that's why I stuck my hand up and bought them at the auction.  Sometimes I get carried away.  Often...
Lot's of hankies, 54 hankies in fact!

green hankies that I have already give my sister

except for this one, which I kept.

hankies in boxes and holiday hankies.

Look at the crocheted edging on these!

linen hankies

embroidered hankies

so many hankies

I love how colorful this one is.

so much work went into those edgings!

Cute little bunny.

Flowered hankies

My favorite hankie!  I love the purple violets.

Bright colors

Blue hankies

yellow hankies

How pretty is this!

They all came in this box

Could you have resisted bidding on these?

This little hat was laying on top and came with the hankies.  I can just see some little lady putting that on her head and going to church on Sunday morning.
I am going to have to find some kind of craft for all these hankies, so off to Pinterest I go!
Have a great Tuesday!