Friday, August 20, 2010

A Glimpse into Halloween!!!

I know, I know!  It's only August and it's been record breaking hot temperatures here, so how can I be thinking about Halloween??  It's Elizabeths fault over at Creative Breathing!  She has been making the cutest felt Halloween garlands and now she and few other very talented ladies are working on a paper Halloween garland and I am soooo inspired by her work.
Isn't she the cutest witch pumpkin ever?  I used her pattern for her Punkin Patties and stuck a witch hat on instead of the vine and then I had a leftover "wand" that I made last year so I put that on her too!  I'm really happy with how she turned out.
This one is my favorite!  A little candy corn fellow to decorate my Halloween tree!  I am making several of these to go on my Halloween bouquets that I am making for the ladies at work.
I also made this little prim lady from the latest Create and Decorate magazine.  I have named her Pammy.
She was a lot of fun to put together even if I didn't read the instructions properly.  I missed a really huge, very important step.  You are supposed to use orange fabric to make the body.  Your body is orange you are saying.  Yep, I PAINTED it orange!  I have no idea why I made the body out of muslin when I could see from the photo the doll was orange!!  Anyway, it turned out ok in the end and I actually kinda like how the paint stiffened up the doll.
As I was looking through an old issue of Crafts and Things I found a few more Halloween pretties to make.
This small shadow box decoration is made from the top of a cardboard jewelery box.  I used pop dots to give the pieces some dimension.  I think it still needs a little "bling" so I am keeping it out on my work table until it hits me what it needs,
Isn't this a fun collection of Halloween fun???!!!
This is just a small clear treat bag with a topper made of Halloween paper and card stock that I punched out the work "eek" and then just punched hole in it and tied with a tag and ribbon.  These would make adorable loot bags for a Halloween party.
A fun stamped card.
And these are my favorites!  They are combination book markers and pen/pencil holders. Just holiday paper glue and sewn together making a pouch to hold the pencils.  I am including these in the bouquet for my ladies at work as well. 
I am just about DONE with summer!  It has been incredibly hot and dry and I'm ready for some cool autumn air and sitting on the front porch with my hot apple cider and a good book!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!!


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chrismas in August!

If you have never read Elizabeth's blog over at Creative Breathing then you are missing a wonderful and creative blog!  Elizabeth make the most darling tags, garlands and softies ever and she is so generous that she shares her patterns!

I fell in love with her little snowman and ran right out to Michaels the very day she posted the pattern and got the supplies for it.  This past weekend it finally rained and I had all day inside to play so I made my snowman!
Mine is so where as good as Elizabeth's, but I love him anyway!  The directions were easy to follow and he only took a couple of hours to make! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing all your wonderful "craftiness"!

And speaking of people being craft, yesterday I was out at Sam's Club and was very excited to see that the 2010 BH&G Holiday Crafts magazine was out!
And guess who is on the very back page!!! Out very only Kelly Winn from There's No Place Like Home!!Way to go Kelli!  And I will definitely be making that snowman tag too!

Hope everyone has a great day!