Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nananananananananana BAT BOAT!

On their way to fight crime and human injustice, Batman and Robin left their Bat boat into the care of my DH and son.

I am truly hoping that Bat Boat does not remain at our house very long.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Estate sale finds!

Last Friday I took the day off from work for two reasons. #1- to spend the day shopping with Yngwie for his back to school supplies, and #2 - to go to an Estate sale!

They had so many retro/vintage items! It was like going back to 1950! I managed to control myself and only bought a few goodies.
I loved these vintage books. They are actually quite large and the pictures in them are so colorful and cute!
Que, Sera, Sera - Anyone remember the beautiful and talented Doris Day?? I love her and loved these paperdolls. Look at all the beautiful dresses!
In the same box with the childrens books, were these fabulous (and some no so fabulous) patterns.
Believe it or not, all of them are in my size with the exception of the childrens patterns. There is a pattern with several embroidery iron-ons, that is going to my friend Diane. Diane G, if you are reading this they are going on top of your ever expanding pile of books!
I did the Happy dance when I spotted this pixie ash tray. It is even blue!!!! He is so pensive looking. Wonder if he is thinking about the dangers of smoking???
How about this adorable pixie planter!!! And this little guy. I'm not sure if he is a elf or a doll or just a...I don't know what. But, he had the cutest little impish grin that I had to have him, whatever he is! (opps, his belt is coming off!)
Then there was this beautiful Bible. It is covered in mother of pearl and is really beautiful. However, I have left a message with the woman who ran the sale to see if the family wants this as there is stuff written inside:
I can't imagine selling something with this written in it.
See the photo of Yngwie at the top?? Today is the first day of his senior year!! I am so proud of him I could just bust!!!! He is such a blessing to me and his Dad.
Blessings and have a great week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crafty Things

Last weekend my DH and son were gone for most of the day Saturday, my house was fairly clean, and it was way too hot to go outside. So, I spent most of the day crafting! You know those days are few and far between so I enjoyed it immensely!

I found the pattern and instructions for this in my new Create and Decorate magazine. I plan on making at least two more of these in different fall colors. The pattern called for felt leaves on his head but I found some gorgeous, tacky, glittered leaves at the dollar store and you know how much I love glitter, they had to come home with me, so I used them instead and love how it turned out.
Then I made this mini Halloween banner that I think "The Happy Zombie" gave the instructions for it on her website.
Then I pulled out a 1978 Better Homes and Garden craft magazine and made this adorable angel. I must say that patterns today are much better then in 1978 because I had to enlarge this like a gazillion times to get it to the right size. Her head is made from a satin christmas ball and her body and clothing are felt. I love how she turned out.
And if you look closely behind her you will see what else that I did last weekend. 8 pints and 12 half pints of salsa! It turned out really good this year and is a great way to use up the million hot peppers that I have gotten out of the garden!

Its supposed to be another hot day today with temps in the mid 90's. UGH! I am ready for fall!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The end of summer

I can't believe that summer is almost over! To me it seems it just started. Yngwie will soon be going back to school for his last year of high school. A SENIOR! I can't believe it! It was just yesterday that I dropped him off for his first day of kindergarden. He had his Toy Story lunch box and a little lamb cut out tied around his neck with his room number on it. The teachers aid met him at the car and took him to his rooom. I drove a mile down the road, pulled over to the side and cried for a good 10 minutes! When I picked him up he was so excited! He had a best friend named Garrett! 13 years later he and Garrett are still best friends, and while they will be heading off in different directions for college next year, I bet they will always remain friends.

I am getting excited that fall will soon be arriving. I love the colors of the leaves, the mist and nip of a cool morning, and the smell of a woodfire. I found some really cool Halloween fabric when I was at the beach and decided to make a purse. I really like how it turned out. I kinda just made up the pattern as I went along. I love the "BOO" fabric!

I am making some pumpkins from the new Create and Decorate, but have to make a trip to the store for more felt before I can finish them. If you love crafts and fall, the fall issue is great!

Hope everyone has a great day!