Monday, July 08, 2013

I am soooo 80's!

Arg!!!!!!!!!  No it's not talk like a pirate day.  It's me pulling my hair out and screaming!
So short version of what I have been doing is I have been cleaning out!  Under the beds, in all the closets, in the pantry, garage and bookshelves...I don't think there is anything in my house that I haven't touched except the attic and I'm headed into there this coming weekend.  Add to all of that, we have gutted the master bath and we are overhauling it.  Kinda.  Did you know that almond fixtures are OUT?  I did, and so I was going to change the sinks, bath and toilets to white.  White never goes out.  Until I started pricing what it would cost us to replace the cast iron tub,  $1200.00!!!  No way am I paying 1200.00 for a bathtub just because I want to change the color.  So the new plan was buy an almond toilet and new almond sinks because they really do need to be replaced and the bathtub is just fine.  Dear husband and I took last week off to work on the bathroom.  Of course we had to order the sinks and toilet because as the girl who took our order said as she rolled her eyes, nobody orders almond any more because that is sooooo 80's and it's a special order.  It will take two weeks to come in!  ARG!!!  That's me yelling again.  So another week with only a working tub in the master bath and then we have to go downstairs and brush our teeth and use the potty in the 1/2 bath.  Fun stuff!

My mother in law, who has Alzheimers is not doing so good.  Her mental state is going down hill quickly.  I can see a difference every day.  She is still able to dress herself, make her own meals as long as she doesn't use the stove, and do some light cleaning, but that is about it.  She cries most of the day because she can't drive anymore and she doesn't want anybody to see her because she says they think she is crazy.  It is heartbreaking.  The woman who used to look at a ridiculously expensive dress in a catalog and then go and make it herself with no pattern, can't even remember how to thread the needle.  She calls us 10-15 times per day and asks the same questions, she is becoming very paranoid, she thinks there are people in her house taking things. 
We are looking for someone who can stay with her in the day while we are at work.  She doesn't want this, but the only other choice is a nursing home, and we really do not want to do that.  Please pray we find the right person soon.

On a lighter note, my sister did some awesome dumpster diving for me the other day!!!  Her husband has a rental house and the lady who lived near him passed away and her relatives brought in a dumpster threw tons of stuff away.  After they left Dear Sis went over and looked in and saw some fabric hanging out of a trash bag.  She crawled on in (she has learned well) and started looking in the bags and there were  bags of fabric that she pulled out, all in great shape and most from the 1960's and 1970's!  My neice and I split it.  Of course it hit the washing machine as soon as it came in the house, but it cleaned up great and I have already made a skirt from some of it.

No crafting or sewing going on right now as all the junk from the bathroom is scattered into every room upstairs and especially stuffed into my craft room.  Can't wait to get the project finished.  As soon as I'm done I will show you all a photo of my "vintage almond" bathroom!