Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mr. Migraine Strikes Again

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.  We spent ours at a car show on Saturday, then out on the boat the rest of the weekend, with some gardening thrown in too.

Unfortunately, it didn't end so well.

I woke up Tuesday about 1:30 a.m. with a migraine.  I took my Zomig got my cold cloths for my head and back on my neck and sat in the recliner.  A combination that usually has good results.  By 3:30 it was worsening.  So I took some Lortab for pain.  By 6:30 it was not letting up.  I told DH and DS to go on to work that I was sure it would get better later.  Instead it intensified to the point I was throwing up blood.  I could only lay on the bathroom floor and cry.  Finally I crawled into the bedroom and got the phone and called DH.  He said he was coming home and on his way home he called my Dr.  The DR. didn't have anything to give me because of a shortage of migraine meds and told DH to take me to Urgent care.

Urgent care is almost and hour from us, and was the worse ride of my life.  I kept throwing up and for those of you ladies who are over 50 you know it is hard to hold your bladder when throwing up.  TMI I know!
Finally we get there and they say they will give me the strongest thing they have but they aren't sure it will help.  I stay there until the pain meds kick in and I fall asleep.  They tell DH to take me home and let me sleep it off.  If I still have a migraine when I wake up, take me immediately to the ER.

6 hours later I woke up throwing up and just could not bear the pain.  I was at the point of passing out.  By this time DS was home from work too.  They loaded me in the car and took off for the E.R. Fortunately, when we told admissions that the urgent care sent us they immediately found me a room.  They have a 10 minute contract with that urgent care.  They finally started fluids where I had dehydrated, gave me some anti-nausea meds and some triptan drugs laced with a pain killer.  They said this should kill the pain in 30 minutes.  It didn't!!!  By then I was almost hysterical and was begging for them to just kill me.  I couldn't take it!   Another Dr. came in and order another round of the triptan and a stronger pain med.  This one totally knocked me out.  I woke up at home this morning with a slight headache and called the Dr.  He said take the Zomig and nothing else as I have too many drugs in my system.

So, as of right now, the headache is almost gone.  The Dr. is trying to convince my insurance company that I need more than 9 pills per month and is getting me another pain medicine.

If this doesn't work it looks like I may have to get with a headache center and try and figure this out.  I can't keep missing work, and I have to work!  They have been very supportive so far but I know that there's stuff there I need to get done.  I may try a work from home option for a while.

Thanks for listening to this ramble.  I am so discouraged and depressed over this.  This is not how I want to live my life.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cozy Blanket's Vintage Children's Book Swap!

First off, Thank You to Debby at Cozy Blanket for hosting the vintage children's book swap.  What a great idea.  I never think of anything like that.  Secondly, I was lucky enough to be paired with Nan, Retired in Alaska for the swap!  My goodness Nan must know me well even though we are 3000 miles away.  Would you just look at the glorious stuff that she sent to me!
It was all I could do not to get up and jump around the room like I was a kid.  I probably would have had I been at home but because our mail delivery at home is sketchy I have things delivered to my office in town.
I forgot to take a picture of the paper doll sheet by itself, but you can see how darling it is right there on the right of this photo.

Oh little bunny head, how cute you are and he is now residing in my happy shelves in the kitchen.

An adorable plastic children's plate!  See the little children in the pods?  So cute!  Also living in my happy shelves.

A cute as can be red doll dress.

Two of the cutest little books.  The illustrations in the Fairy Tales book look very familiar to me and I am wondering in I had this book when I was little.

Two vintage designs that she has put onto fabric.  I believe these are destined to become pillows.

Such a sweet Christmas cut out of a kangaroo.

And how did she know I love vintage cards???  These designs are so pretty!
This package just made my day yesterday, as I had had a terrible migraine the night before and feeling the effects of the medication for it yesterday when this arrived.  It perked me right up!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Good Tuesday Morning!  Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

Last Saturday I told you I was going to run a 5K in our towns Mannathon 5k.  It was supporting Manna Ministries that supplies food and clothing to the poor in our town.  There were almost 600 runners in the 3K, 5K and 8K runs. 

You are not going to believe this!  I won not only my age group, but I was first place in the Grand Masters (over 50) group!!!  I was totally shocked! 

Pay no attention to the junk around the pool, as you can see Dear Husband was pressure washing the concrete and had stuff in a mess.

This is the 1st time I have ever won a 5K!  It was very exciting!
I did go to the Estate sale on Saturday and bought a couple things.  Most stuff was picked over as the sale had started on Friday.  I haven't taken pictures yet but I will as I got the cutest little Christmas decorations for 25 cents! 
Have a great Tuesday!


Friday, May 11, 2012


Not a very original title, but it truly sums up the way I feel today!  What a week at work! 

I thought today I would finish up showing you the treasures that I found at the last estate sale that I attended.  I did buy a lot, but I also drove 3 hours to this sale and wasn't about to go home empty handed, plus the prices were 1/2 price on the day that I went.

Y'all know how much I love my Pixies and elves!
Don't these have the cutest faces?  They are a little dirty and I'm not sure how to go about cleaning them.  I think I will just take a damp rag with some Dawn on it and see how it goes.

DH actually found this little guy and brought it over and said "He said he needs to go home with your". See, that's why DH and I have been married so long.  He gets me!

I think these fellows are called spun heads.  I will probably use them with some of my Christmas crafts.

These decorations look like those Irmi ones I have been seeing on several blogs, but they're not.  I forget the name on them but I looked them up on Ebay and was shocked that they were worth around $5.00 each with the exception of the Santa on the cart and he was $12.00!  I paid $1.00 for all of them!

Sigh... more vintage greeting cards.  Seems I can't get enough of them.

Look at them!  How could I resist???

This little booklet is one of my favorites!

Baby's bath or Dunking the Darling!  LOL!

Someone put a lot of time into stitching up this Christmas card!  I am framing it.  It's just too pretty to sit in a drawer.

I am hitting an Estate sale in town today that looks promising and tomorrow morning I am running in another 5K to support our area Manna Ministries that provides free food for the poor.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Needlecases and Anniversaries

Good Thursday Morning! 

32 years ago I was getting ready to marry the love of my life!!!  Dear husband and I met at the skating rink when we were just 15 years old!  4 years later after we had both graduated high school and were in college, we got married.  Sooo young!!!  Everybody said it would never last because we were too young.  WRONG!  I still can't imagine being with anyone else but him...

In other news... I am working on making one of these needlecases, but with gardening season here I don't seem to be able to find enough time to finish it.  This pattern is from the October 1978 issue of Stitch n Sew.

Here is the scanned pages with patterns if anyone else would like to make one.  I wish there was a color picture because they really are cute!

Hope everyone has a great day!



Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I don't talk a lot about it, but I have chronic migraines.  I started having them when I was about 33 years old.  They started very subtlety, but over time increased to where I usually have 2-3 per week.

Yeah.  That;s a lot.  However, I take a medication called Zomig at the beginning of a migraine and usually within an hour they are under control and I am just fine.

Until 14 days ago.  DH and I went to see The Blue Man group at the performing arts complex in our town.  They have a lot of strobe lights in their show.  I should have gotten up and left as soon as the lights started bothering me but I was in a middle seat and didn't want to disturb anyone.  Bad decision.

I got a migraine that night that put me flat on my back for 17 hours.  I could not move an inch without being sick to my stomach.  I stayed in a recliner with ice packs on my neck and forehead, in a dark room and did not move.

This must have triggered something because I have had a migraine every day since and they are not responding well to the medication that usually works.  I am now having to take Percocet or Lortabs with the Zoming and even that is just dulling the pain enough that I can get through the day.  I work full time in an office and this is very hard to do.  The migraines keep me up at night and I have only been getting about 3 hours of sleep each night.

I have been to the Dr. and they can't find out what is causing them, which seems to be pretty normal with many people's migraines.  I have had MRI's, Catscans, I have been probed and prodded and tested and re-tested.  I have taken every drug they know.

I am seeing a chiropractor and even she is discouraged that she hasn't been able to help with my migraines.

I am pretty much at a loss now.  I hate to even think what taking all this medication is doing to my body. 

I guess I'm just feeling discouraged today and needed to write it out and vent. 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


Friday, May 04, 2012

Vintage Children's Books

T.G.I.F.!  The work week is almost done!  Do you have big plans for the weekend?  Tomorrow I am volunteering for the Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon.  I am amazed at the stamina that these athletes have.  I could probably do the running and the biking but there is no way I could swim 820 yards in a cold lake!

Today I would like to share with you the vintage children's books that I bought at the last estate sale I attended. 
I have always loved this book mostly for the story but also because my grandparents last name was Bird.  The cover on this book just makes me swoon.  Look at that darling sewing basket on the floor.
Sorry for the glare on this!  This one was my favorite!  How cute is that little lass carrying those pumpkins.  This is called The Little Gardner and other stories.

This one is just adorable.  The Children's Book edited by Frances Hodgson Burnette.  She is the author that wrote "The Secret Garden" one of my all time favorite books and movies.

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch!  With a title like that how can you go wrong?  Love it!
And I guess technically this isn't a children's book, even though I read it the first time when I was probably 11-12.   Can you guess what book this somber cover is on?

Jane Eyre!  The drawings in this book are fabulous!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!